On Thursday, February 17, 2011, fourteen witnesses representing law enforcement, academic research, mental health providers, educators, students and advocacy groups testified before Attorney General Martha Coakley and the Commission to Review Statutes Relative to Implementation of the School Bullying Law. Additional testimony has been submitted in writing.

DA Mark Mastroianni
Hampden County District Attorney

<strong>Chief Mark Leahy</strong> pdf format of m_leahy.pdf
President, Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association

<strong>Pat Gardner</strong> pdf format of P-Gardner.pdf
Center for Teacher Education and Research

<strong>Katherine M. Moss, PhD</strong> pdf format of K_moss.pdf
Behavioral Health Network

<strong>Christopher Overtree, M.D</strong>. pdf format of Overtree Testimony.pdf
UMASS Amherst Psych

Bill Newman
ACLU of Massachusetts

<strong>Randy Ross</strong> pdf format of R Ross Testimony 2-17-11 v2.pdf
New England Equity Assistance Center

<strong>Carly Burton</strong> pdf format of massequality.pdf
Mass Equality

<strong>Martin O'Shea</strong> pdf format of Marty O'Shea.pdf
Superintendent of Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School District

<strong>Mindy Blankenship</strong> pdf format of Melinda Blankenship.pdf
State Student Advisory Council

<strong>Dr. Denise Pagan-Vega</strong> pdf format of D_pagan_vega.pdf
Chief of Federal Programs, Springfield Public Schools

<strong>Parry Atfab</strong> pdf format of atfab.pdf
Executive Director of WiredSafety
Member of Facebook's International Safety Advisory Board

Teen Angels

<strong>Sammy</strong> pdf format of TA_sammy.pdf
Teen Angels