On May 3, 2010, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law a landmark anti-bullying bill for Massachusetts. The law gave responsibility to the Attorney General's Office to chair a Commission of stakeholders from the law enforcement and education communities. The Commission was charged with the review of the General Laws to determine if they need to be amended in order to address bullying and cyber-bullying, and to investigate parental responsibility and liability for bullying and cyber-bullying. The law also requires the Commission to report the results of its investigation and study, and its recommendations, if any, to the Legislature.

The Commission has been meeting bi-monthly since June 2010, and has held public hearings in Boston and Springfield, and gathering testimony from educators, parents, civil rights advocates, law enforcement, and bullying prevention experts.

The Commission submitted its full findings in a report to the Legislature on June 30, 2011. You can download and read the full report pdf format of Bullying Commission Report

The members of the Commission on Bullying Prevention are:

Martha Coakley, Chair, Massachusetts Attorney General
Michael Bellotti, Sheriff, Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association
David Capeless, Berkshire County District Attorney
Steve Clem, Executive Director, Association of Independent Schools in New England
Michael Long, General Counsel, Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents
Mary Lyons, Police Chief, Mattapoisett, MA Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association
Laura Salomons, School Committee Member, Sharon, MA, Massachusetts Association of School Committees

Executive Summary (PDF) pdf format of bullying-report-june-2011-exec-summary.pdf

Full Report (PDF) pdf format of Bullying Commission Report