• Pursuant to Chapter 178 of the Acts of 2011, the Legislature has created an interagency Human Trafficking Task Force to address all aspects of human trafficking through policy changes. The task force is charged with addressing Human Trafficking through service development, demand reduction, system change, public awareness, and training. The task force is chaired by Attorney General Martha Coakley and includes state and community agencies.

    The Training and Education subcommittee is responsible for three of the ten tenets described in Chapter 178 of the Acts of 2011:

    “(iv) … and offer recommendations for programs and educational and training opportunities for law enforcement and social service providers including, but not limited to, methods used to identify human trafficking victims including preliminary interviewing and questioning techniques, methods of protecting the special needs of women and child human trafficking victims, developments in state and federal laws regarding human trafficking and methods to increase effective collaboration between state and local agencies, law enforcement, social service providers and non-governmental organizations;

    (viii) recommend strategy and relevant methodologies for training providers in health and human services in the recognition of signs and circumstances indicating that an individual is the victim of human trafficking and the appropriate steps to report the individual to the appropriate law enforcement personnel or agencies;

    (ix) recommend ways to develop and promulgate educational materials and health curricula that may be used by school administrators and educators to identify human trafficking victims and the appropriate actions to be undertaken when such victims are identified and to educate school officials as to the scope and magnitude of human trafficking in the nation and the commonwealth including, but not limited to, how to prevent it and developing a parent guide and teacher training material on internet safety and methods of preventing the exploitation of minors over the internet”.

Education & Training Notices of Meetings

Education & Training Approved Minutes