• Pursuant to Chapter 178 of the Acts of 2011, the Legislature has created an interagency Human Trafficking Task Force to address all aspects of human trafficking through policy changes. The task force is charged with addressing Human Trafficking through service development, demand reduction, system change, public awareness, and training. The task force is chaired by Attorney General Martha Coakley and includes state and community agencies.

    The Victim Services subcommittee is responsible for two of the ten tenets described in Chapter 178 of the Acts of 2011:

    “(iii) identify and review the existing services and facilities that meet the needs of victims of human trafficking including, but not limited to, health and mental health services, housing, education and job training, legal services and victim compensation;

    (vi) examine the costs associated with establishing a safe house pilot program for adult and child victims of human trafficking and identify public and private funding sources that may be used to develop and implement a safe house pilot program”.