The Student Conflict Resolution Experts (SCORE) program was created and funded by the Attorney General's Office in collaboration with local community mediation programs and school communities between 1989 and 2009.

School mediations involve addressing conflicts that start with rumors, threats, name-calling, theft, or damage to personal property. These conflicts can lead to verbal arguments and, sometimes, physical fights. The SCORE program shows participants methods for working through conflict and disagreements, without violence and with respect. Mediation not only empowers youth to find appropriate solutions to dealing with conflict, but also allows them to develop life skills that they need as they grow into young adulthood and interact with others.

SCORE Program Materials

Revised in 2008, the SCORE Coordinators' Manual provides an overview of the program, and instructs coordinators on the steps to setting up the program from start to finish, and the methods and expectations for training their mediators. The manual also provides an extensive lesson plan for training, as well as sample exercises and role-play scenarios.

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The AGO also provides a quick reference guide for students to accompany their training. To download:


Bullying and Mediation

There is significant debate about the appropriateness of mediation in cases of bullying. Many scholars and practitioners think that mediation is not appropriate for situations, like bullying in which there is an inherent imbalance of power. Dr. Elizabeth Englander, Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center has written about this issue in particular. It is wise to consider all competing analysis before the application of mediation to bullying or other relationship violence situations.