Massachusetts Grown...and Fresher!

csa (community Supported agriculture) farms

beetMassachusetts’ farmers are offering the public a new way to invest in local agriculture, while enjoying delicious, fresh food throughout the season. CSAs are a way for the food buying public to create a relationship with a farm and to receive a weekly basket of produce.

By making a financial commitment to a farm, people become "members" (or "shareholders,"
or "subscribers") of the CSA. Most CSA farmers prefer that members pay for the season up-front, but some farmers will accept weekly or monthly payments. Some CSA farms also require that members work a small number of hours on the farm during the growing season. In return, customers are rewarded with weekly delivery or pick-up of vegetables – sometimes including flowers, fruits, herbs and even milk or meat products.

Farms offering CSA shares of vegetables, fruits, and various other agricultural products can be found across the state. Find a CSA farm that works for you!