Office of Access and Opportunity
Effective Date: February 18, 2015


Table of Contents:


Purpose and Scope

This Administrative Bulletin establishes a reporting requirement relative to various business participation programs -- minority business enterprise, women business enterprise, and disadvantaged business enterprise, and labor participation program – targeted to women and minority individuals.  Additionally, this Administrative Bulletin provides guidance to executive department agencies relative to the reporting requirements contained herein.

On February 18, 2015, Governor Baker signed Executive Order 559, which superseded Executive Order 527, "Establishing the Office of Access and Opportunity within the Office of the Governor." The Executive Order defines the scope of responsibilities and authority of the Office of Access and Opportunity (OAO), among which the OAO is to:

  • ensure non-discrimination, diversity and equal opportunity in all aspects of state employment, programs, services, activities, and decision-making, including but not limited to state contracting, including contracts for construction, design, and goods and services provided to state agencies;
  • review and recommend improvements to state agency programs, activities, and services to ensure that they foster access and equal opportunity; and
  • review and recommend improvements to state agency programs, activities, and services to foster economic opportunity for all persons.

Pursuant to state policy, the Commonwealth establishes participation goals for minority business enterprises and women business enterprises as well as participation goals for women and minority to be employed as labor on state construction projects.  In order to further and better ground the objectives of state policy in these areas, it is necessary to create a more transparent system of reporting on the outcomes attained.  To this end, this Administrative Bulletin defines state agency expectations relative to collecting and reporting on certain public construction contracting activity data as defined herein. 

Forms and Links

Attached hereto are the Construction Activity Data Collection and Reporting Guidelines pdf format of Construction and Design Activity
, which are issued to facilitate the purposes and objectives of this Administrative Bulletin.

Effective Date

This Administrative Bulletin shall be effective as of the date specified below:

Effective Date February 18, 2015