Led by the City of Woburn, five municipalities (Woburn, Chelsea, Chicopee, Revere, and Brookline), received $300,000 ($120,000 in FY13 and $180,000 in FY14) to develop a municipal Open Checkbook program.  Communities will have access to a hosted Citizen Transparency Module based on the Commonwealth’s Open Checkbook website (http://www.mass.gov/opencheckbook).   Each community will have a link on their website that will lead them to a hosted solution which will display information consistent with Open Checkbook.  The data for each community will be securely transmitted weekly to a data center and be stored in data information systems.  Data will be processed into data modules and populate data views for citizens to access.  All data will be updated weekly.  In early April, information will be sent out regarding how municipalities may apply for this opportunity.

City of Woburn Open Checkbook (Hyper link:  http://cityofwoburn.com/Index.aspx?NID=1219)