The Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F) developed a Regionalization Assistance Guide which serves as a directory of programs offered by the Commonwealth to assist municipalities in the development of regional projects.  The Guide includes both technical assistance and grant programs.

In addition to the CIC program, the Commonwealth, through A&F and its agencies, supports three programs to provide municipalities with funding to study and implement regional projects.  The Technical Assistance Bureau of the Division of Local Services and the District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA) program, administered by regional planning agencies, provide support for municipalities interested in studying the feasibility of regional projects.  The Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center, at the University of Massachusetts Boston, provides assistance to municipalities interested in studying and implementing regional projects.

Additionally, the Guide includes programs designed to assist municipalities in the design and implementation of regional projects in specific service delivery areas.  The Guide includes information on technical assistance and grant programs offered in the areas of library services, transportation, veterans’ services, economic development, elder affairs, and public safety.

Regionalization Assistance Guide  pdf format of Regionalization Assistance Guide
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Regionalization: A Guide for Sharing Public Services in Massachusetts (

Created by the Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies (MARPA)

MARPA created its website as a way to provide resources and information to Massachusetts communities interested in collaboration and shared services.  Contact information for all 13 Regional Planning Agencies is available under the “Contact” section of the website.