Profiles of more than 45 projects from the first and second rounds of the CIC program (2012, 2013)

The CIC grant program is designed to not only benefit grant recipients, but also provide insight to all local government entities in the Commonwealth.  After completing their projects, grant recipients develop project reports to share their work.  The reports follow a standardized format and include the project goals, implementation plan, budget, challenges and solutions, outcomes, and references.  If applicable, the reports also contain drafts of documents necessary for the successful implementation of the projects, such as intermunicipal agreements.  Project contact information is included at the end of each report.  Please reach out to the project manager with any questions about a project.  Please reach out to the project manager with any questions about a project.

Best Practices

The chart below identifies the best practices used in each project. 


Internal efficiency

(Single municipality)

Intermunicipal AgreementRegional Governing StructureUse of TechnologyShared EquipmentShared PersonnelCollaboration with an Outside Entity (e.g. nonprofits, businesses, and other governmental agencies)
Monomoy Regional School District Transition (Monomoy Regional School District) FY12       
Regionalizing Special Education services for Children with Dyslexia (Manchester-Essex Regional School District) FY12 and FY13        
Regionalized Technology Support Services (Hampshire Regional School District) FY12     
Southeast Technology Network (Town of Abington) FY12  
Special Education Cost Savings through Full Regionalization (Freetown-Lakeville Regional School District) FY12        
Town of Granville to join Southwick-Tolland Regional School District (Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District) FY12      
Vocational/Technical School District Expansion (Northern Berkshire Vocational Regional District) FY12       
Creating in-District Programs for Students with Severe Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (Town of Agawam) FY13      
Berkshire County Curriculum Frameworks Projects (Central Berkshire Regional School District) FY13     
Regionalizing Technology Support Services (Town of Richmond) FY13       
School StatNet Pilot (City of Somerville) FY13       
Pioneer Valley Conservation Commissions Compact (Pioneer Valley Planning Commission) FY12        
Regional Equipment Sharing Cooperative (Town of Brookfield) FY12 and FY13        
Regionalizing Municipal Storm water Management in Central Massachusetts through Collaborative Education, Data Management, and Policy Development (Town of Spencer) FY12 and FY13        
Shared Municipal Portable Closed Loop Pressure Wash Water Recycle System for Commercial Fishing Fleets (Town of Chatham) FY12        
Northern Middlesex Storm Water Collaborative (Northern Middlesex Council of Governments) FY13      
Cape Cod Great White Shark Research and Outreach Program (Town of Orleans) FY13        
Regional Department of Public Facilities and Infrastructure (Town of Wenham) FY13      
Berkshire On-line Municipal Building Permits (Berkshire Regional Planning Commission) FY12        
Cloud-based Open Source Integrated Municipal Financial Management (Town of Royalston) FY12      
Commonwealth Citizens Connect App (City of Boston) FY12       
Digital Regionalization: Permit, License, and Inspection Automation (Cape Cod Commission) FY12        
Central Massachusetts Regional Electronic Permitting Collaborative (Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission) FY13        
Hampshire Cloud (Hampshire Regional Council of Governments) FY13        
Electronic Weights and Measures Inspection (Town of Holliston) FY13       
Malden 311 and Workers' Compensation Reentry Program (City of Malden) FY13        
Regionally Improving Citizen Access and Service Delivery (Merrimack Valley Planning Commission) FY13       
Municipal Open Checkbook System (City of Woburn) FY13       
Berkshire Health Alliance Public Health Nursing Program (Berkshire Regional Planning Commission) FY 12 and FY13        
Franklin County Cooperative Public Health Service (Franklin Regional Council of Governments) FY12 and FY13        
Provision of Electronic Food Inspections (Town of Ashland) FY12       
Local Boards of Health On-Line Tobacco Retailer Certification Program (Town of Lee) FY13        
Hampden County Health Alliance (Pioneer Valley Planning Commission) FY13        
Ashland-Hopkinton Fire Services Collaborative (Town of Hopkinton) FY12       
Franklin County Regional Dog Officer Control and Kennel (Franklin Regional Council of Governments) FY12     
NoFIRES- Northwestern Juvenile Fire Intervention Response, Education, and Safety Partnership (City of Northampton) FY12 and FY13       
Southeastern Fire Department Electronic Records and Permitting Collaborative (Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District) FY12 and FY13        
Northwestern District Anti-Crime Task Force Program (Franklin Regional Council of Governments) FY13       
Centralized Facility and Infrastructure Asset Maintenance System (Town of Hanover) FY12        
Consolidation of Information Technology and Maintenance Services (Town of Middleborough) FY12        
Libraries as Part of Emergency Response Teams (Town of Andover) FY12        
Shared Transportation Resources among Five Municipalities and One Business in the Acton Region (Town of Acton) FY12 and FY13       
Massachusetts Statewide Performance Management Program (City of Lowell) FY12      
Regionalization of Assessment Services (Town of Amherst) FY13      
Regional Paratransit Services (Town of East Longmeadow) FY13       
The Ames Free Library's Creative Commons @ Queset House (Town of Easton) FY13       
Rutland Regional Animal Control (Town of Rutland) FY13       
Massachusetts Housing Data Portal (Metropolitan Area Planning Council) FY13           
Expansion of Professional Regionalized Veterans' Services (City of Northampton) FY13            

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