Download the Contract Review Memo pdf format of Contract Review Memo


TO:          Cabinet Secretaries, Division Directors and Agency Heads

CC:          Chief Financial Officers

FROM:    Kristen Lepore, Secretary

DATE:     January 15, 2015

RE:          Contract Review

Given the current budgetary challenges, we are evaluating all spending.  As such, we are requesting a thorough review of all contractual obligations entered into by executive agencies over the last several months.  Each Cabinet Secretary is being asked to review all new contracts, contract amendments, and grants authorized by their agencies since October 1, 2014. The primary purpose of this review is to identify new contractual obligations entered into by the Commonwealth and to assess if this new spending is directly related to the delivery of the agency’s core mission, essential to the operation of government, and affordable.

In addition, each Secretariat will be asked to review major procurement processes underway to determine if they support the agency’s core mission and essential to continuity of operations. The purpose of that review is to ensure that we are only procuring goods and services that are necessary and financially feasible at this time.

In order to facilitate this review for each Secretariat, A&F, in cooperation with the Office of the Comptroller, will upload the list of new contracts, amendments, and grants executed since October 1st onto the “Platform.”  As part of the review, staff will be asked to provide information regarding each of the new obligations. The requested information should include:


  •     Increased dollar value of contract amendment/new contract
  •     New or recurring service
  •     Program or service created by statute or executive order
  •     Summary of scope of service
  •     Contract could be reduced/eliminated and impact of that action
  •     Recommended action


On behalf of the Governor’s Office, A&F will coordinate the compilation of this information from each Secretariat.  Please ensure that this review is completed by January 30, 2015.  Specific instructions for accessing and updating the database are attached. Should your staff have any technical difficulties updating the database, please contact Theresa Sacco, Director of Operations at 857-400-5420 or

Upon the completion of the final review by the Governor’s Office, next steps will be communicated.

Thank you for your cooperation and immediate action on this initiative.