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Buzzards Bay Watershed Municipal Minigrant Program

The Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program offers these grants to assist interested Buzzards Bay watershed municipalities in the protection of open space, rare and endangered species habitat, and freshwater and saltwater wetlands, and to help restore tidally restricted salt marshes, to purchase oil spill containment equipment, to restore fish runs, and to remediate stormwater discharges threatening water quality.

Eligible Applicants: Buzzards Bay watershed municipalities


Coastal Estuarine Land Conservation Program

The Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP) was established by Congress in 2002 "for the purpose of protecting important coastal and estuarine areas that have significant conservation, recreation, ecological, historical, or aesthetic values, or that are threatened by conversion from their natural or recreational state to other uses," giving priority to lands that can be effectively managed and protected and that have significant ecological value.

Eligible Applicants: include local governments and planning organizations


Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grant Program

The CPR Program provides funding to municipalities located within the Massachusetts coastal watershed for for planning / design and remediation including construction and implementation to reduce storm water pollution from paved surfaces, or for commercial boat waste pump out facilities.

Eligible Applicants: municipalities located within the boundaries of the Massachusetts coastal watershed


Community Forest Stewardship Grants

The purpose of these grants is to aid communities in putting forest stewardship into practice and to help connect the local citizens to their forest and the benefits these forests provide—including a local source of wood products, clean water, biodiversity, and wildlife habitat.

Eligible Applicants: municipalities that have town forest or water supply land currently enrolled in the Forest Stewardship Program.


Conservation Appraisals and Open Space & Recreation Plans for Small Communities Grant Program

This grant program provides reimbursement funding for preparation of Open Space & Recreation Plans (OSRPs) in order to apply to DCS grant programs, and/or appraisals contracted in order to apply to the LAND or PARC grant program, and/or other plans to further land conservation.

Eligible Applicants: available to all communities with a population of fewer than 5,000 people.


Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Municipal Partnerships

The Office of Municipal Partnerships was created to help municipal officials better understand MassDEP’s programs and to make agency resources more easily accessible to local governments

The office, located within the DEP Commissioner’s Office, also provides outreach and assistance to cities and towns dealing with MassDEP permits and regulations.  The website includes information and updates on topics such as grants and loans, drinking water, clean energy, waste and recycling, and emergency preparedness. 


Drinking Water Supply Protection Grant Program

The DWSP grant program provides Provides grants to assist public water systems and municipalities in acquiring land to protect the quality of public drinking water supplies.

Eligible Applicants: municipal water departments and public water systems


Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Office of Grants and Technical Assistance

EEA's Office of Grants and Technical Assistance helps provide guidance to those seeking state funding assistance find the programs which are best for them!


Federal 604b Water Quality Management Planning Grant Program

Assists regional planning agencies and other eligible recipients in providing water quality assessment and planning assistance to local communities.

Eligible Applicants: municipalities, regional planning agencies, conservation districts


Gateway City Parks Program

This grant program provides reimbursement funding for appraisals completed in order to apply to the LAND grant program.

Eligible Applicants: Gateway Cities


Governor's Seaport Advisory Council Seaport Improvement Grants

The Governor's Seaport Advisory Council (SAC) approves grant projects pursuant to Chapter 28 of the Acts and Resolves of 1996, the Seaport Bond Bill, for the "revitalization and development of the Commonwealth's seaports.

Eligible Applicants: designated Port Cities and other Municipalities


Landscape Partnership Program

The Landscape Partnership Program seeks to preserve large, unfragmented, high-value conservation landscapes including working forests and farms, expand state-municipal-private partnerships, increase leveraging of state dollars, enhance stewardship of conservation land, and provide public recreation opportunities.

Eligible Applicants: municipalities, non-profit organizations and EEA agencies to help fund projects that permanently protect a minimum of 500 acres of land in Massachusetts, as well as to develop Natural Resources Protection Zoning or Open Space Residential Design in municipalities.


Local Acquisitions for Natural Diversity (LAND) Program

The LAND Program (formerly the Self-Help Program) was established in 1961 to assist municipal conservation commissions in acquiring land for natural resource protection and passive outdoor recreation purposes.

Eligible Applicants:  municipal conservation commissions


Massachusetts Bays Program Research and Planning Grants

The MassBays Research and Planning Program is a new grant program that provides grants for applied planning and research projects that protect coastal habitat, reduce stormwater pollution, protect shellfish resources, manage local land use and growth, manage municipal wastewater, manage marine invasive species, monitor marine and estuary waters, and adapt to the projected impacts of climate change.

Eligible Applicants: Massachusetts cities, towns, and other public entities; academic institutions; and certified 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations.


Massachusetts Environmental Trust Grants

The Trust supports cooperative efforts to restore, protect, and improve water and water-related resources of the Commonwealth.Grants funds are generated through the sale of environment themed license plates.

Eligible Applicants: municipalities and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations


Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities (PARC) Program

The PARC Program (formerly the Urban Self-Help Program) was established in 1977 to assist cities and towns in acquiring and developing land for park and outdoor recreation purposes.

Eligible Applicants: any town with a population of 35,000 or more year-round residents, or any city regardless of size, that has an authorized park /recreation commission


Recreational Trails Program

Grants are awarded for a variety of trail protection, construction, and stewardship projects throughout Massachusetts.

Eligible Applicants: municipalities, government agencies, and non-profits


Rivers and Harbors Grant Program

(781) 740-1600

Matching grants from DCR's Office of Waterways to towns and municipalities for design and construction to address problems on coastal and inland waterways, lakes and great ponds.

Eligible Applicants: municipalities, non-profits, federal agencies


State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program (Clean Water and Drinking Water)

This program provides subsidized loans to assist municipalities and water and wastewater districts in the implementation of capital projects that protect, enhance or mitigate water quality and public health.

Eligible Applicants:  any municipality, water district, or wastewater district


Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Grants

These are 50-50 matching grants offered to municipalities and non-profit groups in Massachusetts communities of all sizes for the purpose of building local capacity for excellent urban and community forestry at the local and regional level.

Eligible Applicants: municipalities and non-profits groups in Massachusetts communities of all sizes

Waste and Recycling Grants and Financial Assistance

Eligible Applicants: municipalities and regional authorities