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    The Department of Revenue is responsible for the administration of the tax, child support, municipal finance and health insurance laws of the Commonwealth.
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    The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission (HPC), established in 2012, is an independent state agency charged with monitoring health care spending growth in Massachusetts and providing data-driven policy recommendations regarding health care delivery and payment system reform. The HPC’s mission is to advance a more transparent, accountable, and innovative health care system through independent policy leadership and investment programs. The HPC’s goal is better health and better care – at a lower cost – across the Commonwealth.

    The agency’s main responsibilities are managed by HPC staff and overseen by an 11-member board of commissioners. HPC staff and commissioners work collaboratively to monitor and improve the performance of the health care system. Key activities include setting the health care cost growth benchmark; setting and monitoring provider and payer performance relative to the health care cost growth benchmark; creating standards for care delivery systems that are accountable to better meet patients’ medical, behavioral, and social needs; analyzing the impact of health care market transactions on cost, quality, and access; and investing in community health care delivery and innovations.

    To access our public meeting livestream, please click here. A full meeting schedule can be found here.