On April 3, 2017, NCQA launched their 2017 PCMH Recognition program. PCMH 2017 includes a new set of standards and a new application process. To align with PCMH 2017, the HPC is working with NCQA to update the PCMH PRIME standards and application process.

Please note the following key points regarding upcoming changes to the PCMH PRIME program:

  • Over fall 2017, there will be two possible pathways to apply for PCMH PRIME: 
    • Practices that are currently NCQA PCMH Recognized (any level except 2011 Level 1) may submit a PCMH PRIME only survey (in other words, a PCMH PRIME add-on to PCMH Recognition) through NCQA’s ISS system, under the November 21, 2016 version of the standards, through November 16, 2017. Practices applying through this process must request the PCMH PRIME add-on survey by October 15, 2017.
    • Beginning November 17, 2017, all practices seeking PCMH PRIME Certification will apply through a new NCQA survey platform (Q-PASS) and will be subject to a modified version of PCMH PRIME standards. At this time, practices will have the ability to apply to PCMH PRIME concurrently with PCMH 2017. Please see this document pdf format of Summary of Expected Changes to PCMH PRIME Program
for an overview of upcoming changes to PCMH PRIME standards. The full version of updated PCMH PRIME Standards and Guidelines are available in the NCQA store. 
  • Practices that seek 2017 PCMH Recognition and PCMH PRIME concurrently will have an integrated review process with NCQA, which may include both submitting documentation to NCQA and going through their new “virtual review” process.  Practices that seek PCMH PRIME as an add-on will submit documentation only, with no virtual reviews. 
  • While NCQA is moving to an annual review process for PCMH Recognition, at this time, PCMH PRIME will remain a 3-year certification.  

The HPC will continue to work with NCQA over fall 2017 to implement an updated PCMH PRIME program. Check this website for future updates.

If you have questions regarding the alignment between 2017 PCMH Recognition and PCMH PRIME, please email HPC staff at HPC-Certification@state.ma.us.