Name (Last, First)Title
Anderson, AdriennePolicy Associate, Behavioral Health, Accountable Care
Anderson, CourtneyPolicy Associate, Accountable Care
Auerbach, DavidDirector, Research and Cost Trends
Balder, RebeccaProject Manager, Market Performance
Baniszewski, CarlProgram Officer, Strategic Investment
Barrett, KatherinePolicy Director, Accountable Care
Belec, StevenDirector, Office of Patient Protection
Breen, SamuelPolicy Associate, Market Performance
Brownsberger, CarlyProgram Assistant, Strategic Investment
Brykman, KelseySenior Policy Associate, Accountable Care
Bungo Rohlfing, TaylorProgram Officer, Strategic Investment
Carleen, AndrewCoordinator, Special Projects
Carter, StephanieProgram Coordinator, Office of Patient Protection
Comeau, KevinProgram Associate, Strategic Investment
Connolly, KathleenDirector, Strategic Investment
Elstermeyer, ColeenDeputy Executive Director and Chief of Staff
Fitzgerald, Mary AnnCoordinator, Strategic Investment
Flanagan-Cahill, SusanDeputy General Counsel
Glaser, DavidCoordinator, Human Resources
Gyurina, CarolSenior Manager for Behavioral Health Integration, Accountable Care
Haime, VivianManager of Payment and Quality, Accountable Care
Hajj, ThomasSenior Policy Associate, Market Performance
Harrison, CatherineSenior Manager, Accountable Care
Hayes-Rusnov, SashaSenior Manager, Market Performance
Hoguet, RamsayPolicy Associate, Market Performance
Johnson, LoisGeneral Counsel
Johnston, AshleySenior Data Visualization and Design Coordinator
Jones, GriffinProgram Manager, Strategic Investment
Katzen, AmyProject Manager, Market Performance
Kerber, RoseResearch Associate, Research and Cost Trends
Kitsos, MatthewPress Secretary
Kloomok, HannahProgram Associate, Strategic Investment
Knott, JeffersonClinical Officer, Strategic Investment
Lang, JessicaSenior Manager, Evaluation
Mador, EllieSpecial Assistant, Office of the Chief of Staff
Malseptic, GabrielSenior Program Officer, Strategic Investment
Marcellot, LydenResearch Associate, Research and Cost Trends
McCann, KatherineAssociate Counsel
Melby-Nieder, LaurenProject Manager, Strategic Investment
Mercer, KellyDeputy Chief of Staff
Mills, KatherinePolicy Director, Market Performance
Murphy, ColleenOffice Manager
Parker (Lynch), KaitlinAssociate Counsel
Proctor, JohnChief Fiscal Officer
Record, KatherineDeputy Policy Director, Accountable Care
Reese-McLaughlin, NatashaSenior Manager, Research and Cost Trends
Reidy, ElizabethProgram Manager, Market Performance
Rollins, EricProgram Associate, Office of Patient Protection
Ryan, NancyAssociate Counsel
Sadownik, SaraDeputy Director, Research and Cost Trends
Salzberg, RachelResearch Assistant, Research and Cost Trends
Secordel, LouiseProgram Associate, Strategic Investment
Scibelli, ErikaGovernment Affairs Manager
Seltz, DavidExecutive Director
Senese, MargaretDeputy Director, Strategic Investment
Sergile, AlainContract Management Associate, Strategic Investment
Snellings, LisaAssistant General Counsel; Data Privacy and Security Manager
Tam, Foon YiFiscal Associate
Vidal, KaraSenior Manager, Market Performance
Wolinsky, JonathanProgram Associate, Strategic Investment
Wulff, MeganDeputy Policy Director, Market Performance