• CHART Investment Program

    The Community Hospital Acceleration, Revitalization, and Transformation (CHART) Investment Program is a $120 million grant program funded by an assessment on large health systems and commercial insurers. The CHART program makes phased investments into eligible Massachusetts community hospitals to enhance their delivery of efficient, effective care. CHART hospitals share the common characteristics of being nonprofit, non-teaching, and having relatively lower prices than many other hospitals.

    The CHART Investment Program seeks to promote care coordination, integration, and delivery transformations; advance electronic health records adoption and information exchange among providers; increase alternative payment methods and accountable care organizations; and enhance patient safety, access to behavioral health services, and coordination between hospitals and community-based providers and organizations.

  • Health Care Innovation Investments

    In March, 2016, the HPC released requests for proposals (RFPs) for the Health Care Innovation Investment (HCII) Program, a new grant program, totaling $9.5 million, to drive innovation in health care delivery and payment in Massachusetts. HCII encompasses three smaller investment tracks: the Targeted Cost Challenge Investments (TCCI), the Telemedicine Pilot Initiative, and the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Pilot Investment Opportunity.

    HCII creates an unprecedented opportunity for Massachusetts providers, health plans, and their partners to test and spread innovations that advance the Commonwealth’s cost containment goals while improving access to high-quality care. The HPC’s Board voted to approve awards for HCII in July 2016.