Karen Tseng leads the Market Performance team, responsible for advancing the HPC’s statutory charge to encourage a more value-based health care system by increasing the transparency of and catalyzing improvements in the performance of the health care market. Among other responsibilities, this includes (1) managing a first-of-its-kind database for tracking the number, type, and frequency of material changes to the governance or operations of health care providers (MCNs), (2) evaluating the impact of significant provider transactions on the competitive market and on the state’s ability to meet the health care cost growth benchmark (CMIRs), and (3) collaborating with other HPC teams to catalyze improvements in the performance of the health care market, such as by analyzing the impact of market structure on cost trends, providing technical expertise in implementing a registration program for provider organizations, and evaluating different approaches to and identifying best practices in incenting provider performance.

About the Policy Director: MP

Karen Tseng, the HPC’s Director of Policy for Market Performance, leads a team of attorneys, economists, and other health care experts in monitoring the impact of changes in the provider market on health care costs, quality, and access, and in developing policy to encourage a value-based health care system.  Prior to joining the HPC, Ms. Tseng was an Assistant Attorney General in the Health Care Division of the state Attorney General’s Office (AGO), where she led investigatory, policy, and law enforcement actions to protect consumers and secure the gains from universal health care reform.  She has received several honors for public service, including from the AGO for her work on health care reform, the Skadden Fellowship Program, and Harvard Law School.  Prior to her government service, Ms. Tseng was a consumer protection attorney at Harvard’s Legal Services Center, where she brought state and federal lawsuits to protect families from predatory foreclosures.  She is a former Lecturer on Law at Harvard and trustee of the Skadden Foundation, and serves as a Commissioner on the Massachusetts Asian American Commission.  Ms. Tseng earned her A.B. from Harvard College and her J.D. from Harvard Law School, and completed her judicial clerkship on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.  She lives in Brookline with her husband and their two sons.