This team is responsible for advancing the HPC’s statutory charge to encourage a more value-based health care system by increasing the transparency of and catalyzing improvements in the performance of the health care market. This includes (1) implementing a first-in-the-nation registration program to provide transparency on the composition and function of provider organizations in Massachusetts (RPO), (2) tracking and analyzing the number, type, and frequency of material changes to the governance or operations of health care providers (MCNs), (3) evaluating the impact of significant provider transactions on the competitive market  and on the state’s ability to meet the health care cost growth benchmark (CMIRs), and (4) collaborating with other HPC teams to catalyze improvements in the performance of the health care market, such as by analyzing the impact of market structure on cost trends and evaluating different approaches and identifying best practices for incenting provider performance. The Market Performance team is led by Katherine (Kate) Scarborough Mills

About the Policy Director: MP

Katherine Scarborough Mills is the HPC’s Policy Director for Market Performance. In her previous role as the HPC’s Deputy Director for Cost and Market Impact Reviews, Ms. Mills led comprehensive reviews of the proposed expansion of the Commonwealth’s largest provider organization and managed a team of attorneys, economists, and other health care experts.  Prior to joining the HPC, she was an attorney with the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Ways and Means where she worked closely on Chapter 224 as well as other health care, public health, mental health and environmental legislation.  Ms. Mills earned her A.B. from Harvard College, her J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law, and her M.P.H. from Tufts Medical School.