• Board Meetings

    Meetings of the HPC's 11-member Board are held approximately every six weeks throughout the year. At these public meetings, HPC staff presents Board members with a high-level overview of major workstreams at the HPC. These meetings often feature interagency partners or guest lecturers relevant to health care cost containment and reform. Major reports, statutory regulations, and publications are authorized by a majority vote at these meetings.

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  • Committee Meetings

    In order to facilitate the comprehensive work of the HPC, and to allow Board members the opportunity to fully specific topic areas in-depth, the HPC's Board is divided into five standing committees. These committees are organized around specific functions of the HPC and its enabling legislation, Chapter 224 of the Acts of 2012, and have both monitoring and operational responsibilities.

    Past committee meetings:

            Care Delivery and Payment System Transformation

            Community Health Care Investment and Consumer Involvement

            Cost Trends and Market Performance

            Quality Improvement and Patient Protection

            Administration and Finance

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  • Advisory Council Meetings

    Quarterly, the HPC's Executive Director convenes a 30-plus member Advisory Council, consisting of a wide range of health care leaders that help guide and advise upon the HPC’s work. The Advisory Council consists of representatives from across the health care system, including providers, payers, consumer and patient advocates, and business, labor, education, and innovation representatives.

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  • Discussion Series on Provider Price Variation: March - May 2016

    As presented at the March 2 Board meeting, the HPC convened a group of key stakeholders to discuss specific, data-driven policy options to address unwarranted provider price variation. These meetings stemmed from the HPC's Special Report on Provider Price Variation, released in conjunction with the 2015 Cost Trends Report. All three meetings were open to the public and well-attended. 

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  • Out-of-Network Billing Listening Sessions

  • Special Events

    CHART Phase 2 Statewide Convening: October 16, 2017

    On October 16, 2017, the Health Policy Commission held its second CHART Phase 2 Statewide Convening to highlight some of the successes, challenges, and lessons learned from the individual and collective work of the two-year, $60 million investment in 25 programs across 27 community hospitals to improve care for high risk and vulnerable populations. This full-day public event included panel discussions and breakout sessions where attendees heard directly from care team members, program managers, and hospital leadership implementing these initiatives.

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    Consumer Preferences, Hospital Choices, and Demand-Side Incentives: April 10, 2017

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    Enrollment In A Health Plan With A Tiered Provider Network Decreased Medical Spending By 5 Percent - HealthAffairs article by Dr. Anna Sinaiko

    With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, HPC staff, in conjunction with researchers from Tufts Medical School, presented research to evaluate a patient's choice of community hospitals versus academic medical centers. Harvard University researchers also presented findings today from several studies on the impact of tiered network plan designs on hospital choice and medical spending in Massachusetts. The event culminated with a panel discussion. 

    Hearing on the Potential Modification of the 2018 Health Care Cost Growth Benchmark: March 8, 2017

    For the first time under the framework set forth in Chapter 224, the HPC Board may modify the annual health care cost growth benchmark established in statute for calendar year 2018. As required by state law, the HPC set the 2018 benchmark equal to potential gross state product minus 0.5 percent, or 3.1%. After considering various factors including the presentation of public testimony, the HPC Board determined that an adjustment to the benchmark is not reasonably warranted.

    Community Hospitals at a Crossroads March 29, 2016

    This report details the challenges facing community hospitals, identifies a future vision for community-based care, and outlines necessary steps toward transforming the care delivery and payment system to achieve that vision. The report was developed by the HPC after more than a year of research, analysis, and interviews with health care providers, consumers, health plans, community leaders, elected officials, and other expert partners.

    FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Regular meetings of the HPC are open to public observation of the proceedings. Meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change. Please check this page frequently for the latest updates.

    If you require disability-related accommodations, please contact the HPC via phone at 617-979-1400 (voice or Video Relay Service) or by email at HPC-Info@state.ma.us. If possible, please contact us at least two weeks prior to the meeting so that we can accommodate your request.