• Initial Registration: Part 1 Overview

    Provider Organizations that meet the criteria for registration as of July 18, 2014 are required to file an application with the HPC in accordance with the most current version of the Data Submission Manual, available below, issued pursuant to 958 CMR 6.00.

    The first time that a Provider Organization files an application is Initial Registration. The Initial Registration process will be split into two phases: Initial Registration: Part 1 (IR: Part 1) and Initial Registration: Part 2 (IR: Part 2). The HPC created this two-part process to give Provider Organizations an opportunity to ask questions about the terms used in the regulation and the DSM before completing full registration requirements.

Registration of Provider Organizations: Helpful Information

The below memo provides an overview of the RPO Program framework and the Initial Registration process. The HPC encourages all Provider Organizations to review this memo before beginning the IR: Part 1 process.

Memo: Helpful Information  pdf format of Memo: Helpful Information

Bulletin: HPC-RPO-2014-01: RPO Data Submission Manual

The Data Submission Manual (DSM) is an administrative bulletin published by the HPC pursuant to 958 CMR 6.05(1). This DSM contains the data elements and submission instructions for Initial Registration: Part 1 (IR: Part 1).

Data Submission Manual  pdf format of Data Submission Manual

Forms and Templates

The Part 1 forms and templates referenced in Data Submission Manual HPC-RPO-2014-01 are available below.

Registration Templates and Forms

  1. Background Information File: Part 1 Template
  2. Corporate Affiliations File: Part 1 Template
  3. Contracting Affiliations File: Part 1 Template
  4. Affidavit of Truthfulness

Contact Information


Please contact program staff by email at: HPC-RPO@state.ma.us or by phone at: (617) 979-1400.

Provider Organizations interested in receiving program updates and notifications from HPC can use this link to be added to our mailing list.