The Health Policy Commission (HPC) encourages you to use the form below to make a public records request. This helps ensure the most expeditious and accurate response to your request. Otherwise, requests may be made in writing  and delivered by hand, by mail, or by electronic mail. While requests for public records may be made orally, in person, at the HPC offices at the address listed below, such requests may not be the subject of an appeal to the Supervisor of Records. Telephone requests may be accepted at the discretion of the HPC’s Records Access Officer.

Requestors must ensure that all requests include a reasonable description of the requested record so that the HPC’s Records Access Officer can identify and locate the record promptly. Please consider how you can narrow the scope of your request to expedite the production process. The first four hours of work performed to respond to a public records request will be performed at no cost. After that, the HPC may charge up to $25/hour.

The HPC must adhere to the law requiring us to secure personally identifiable information and prevent unwarranted invasions of privacy as well as other laws requiring confidentiality. Documents containing such information must be redacted carefully before releasing, expanding the time needed for production. Please consider how you might revise your public records request to exclude records containing such information.

Records Access Officer

Lisa Snellings, Assistant General Counsel
Health Policy Commission                              
50 Milk Street, 8th Floor                                                          
Boston, MA 02109                                                                 
Phone: (617) 979-1409                                                                       

Records Available on HPC’s Website

The HPC makes available on its website many types of records that may be of interest to members of the public. Potential requestors may use the search tool at the top, right-hand corner of the website to find documents they wish to obtain. The following links direct members of the public to a select few of the many records available on the HPC website: