This team is responsible for fulfilling the HPC’s statutory charge to examine spending trends and underlying factors and to develop evidence-based recommendations for strategies to increase the efficiency of the health care system. This team draws on its diverse research expertise to inform, motivate, and support action to achieve the benchmark and the goals of Chapter 224. The research team is responsible for producing the HPC’s annual health care cost trends report and contributes subject matter expertise to the annual hearings on cost trends. The research team represents the HPC to the research and analytic community and carries out special research projects as determined by the Executive Director and the Board, including an ongoing effort to advance and improve the state’s all-payer claims database (APCD). The Research and Cost Trends team is led by Dr. David Auerbach.

About the Director: RCT

David Auerbach, PhD is a health economist and currently Director for Research and Cost Trends at the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission. His work has spanned a number of focus areas including understanding employer markets for insurance, spending trends and cost drivers, primary care and the health care workforce. He has specialized in, and is a nationally-recognized expert on the Registered Nurse workforce including advanced practice nurses. He has twice chaired the workforce theme for the AcademyHealth Annual Research Conference, has appeared several times on NPR’s Marketplace, and has authored and co-authored several dozen publications on a range of topics in the top journals in the field including NEJM, JAMA, and Health Affairs. Prior to working at the HPC, he was a senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation in Boston and prior to that, he was a principal analyst at the Congressional Budget Office in Washington DC where he co-developed the model used to analyze the Affordable Care Act.