The Care Delivery Innovation and Investment team, led by Iyah Romm, is responsible for leading system performance analyses, including a particular focus on measuring value and promoting effective allocation of health care resources. The CDII team is responsible for developing and administering the Community Hospital Acceleration, Revitalization, and Transformation (CHART) community hospital investment program that represents a key component of the HPC’s broad mandate to increase health care quality and access while reducing cost growth in the Commonwealth. CDII also supports the Market Performance team in care delivery analyses in Cost and Market Impact Reviews and leads the HPC’s role in supporting health resource planning activities.


About the Policy Director: CDII

Iyah Romm leads the Care Delivery Innovation and Investment Team in efforts to accelerate health system transformation, including a particular focus on developing policy and leveraging investments to increase appropriate community-based hospital use, improve efficiency, and promote effective allocation of health care resources. Prior to joining the HPC, Mr. Romm served as Special Advisor to the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health (DPH). Over several years, including two stints at DPH, Mr. Romm’s responsibilities ranged from strategic and organizational planning, policy development, and oversight of the Department’s policy response to the recent nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak. He oversaw policy and strategy for the DPH health care regulatory arm, including Determination of Need, emergency medical services, and health care facility licensure, and quality improvement. Prior to his government career, Mr. Romm led quality and care delivery initiatives in settings ranging from academic medical centers to post-earthquake Haiti to community-based organizations in Boston. He is a graduate of Brandeis University and additionally studied medicine at Boston University.