Mailing Address:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Executive Office for Administration and Finance
Operational Services Division
One Ashburton Place, Room 1017
Boston, MA 02108-1552


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Executive Office for Administration and Finance
COMMBUYS/Operational Services Division
One Congress Street, Suite 114
Boston, MA 02109


Main Phone #: 617-720-3300

Fax #: 617-727-4527


COMMBUYS Toll Free No. 1-888-627-8283
Commonwealth Print
SDP Help
TTY Line 617-727-2716

Operational Services Division Staff

Aalpoel, SusanOffice of Marketing and Communications617-720-3149
Abbott, JackieCOMMBUYS617-720-8856
Andrews, TinaSupplier Diversity Office617-502-8835
Assefa, Nani (Achamyelesh)Supplier Diversity Office617-502-8857
Baker, LisaOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3112
Barends, MaureenOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3155
Bennett, ZelphaOffice of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1522
Borch-Rote, BonnieOffice of Marketing and Communications617-720-3174
Brown, JacquilineLegal, Policy and Compliance Office617-720-3371
Bunnell, TheodoreOffice of Vehicle Management617-720-3170
Cai, Tommy (SongWei)COMMBUYS617-720-3142
Cerrito, DanaOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3328
Chen, JaniceOffice of Audit and Quality Assurance617-720-3110
Chester, MatthewCOMMBUYS617-720-3301
Colon, Wanda E.Supplier Diversity Office617-502-8849
Comparetti, PaulOffice of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1543
Cunningham, BonnieOffice of Human Resources and Administration617-720-3314
Cushman, CherylOffice of Vehicle Management617-720-3109
Daniells, EstherSupplier Diversity Office617-502-8846
Delaney, AnthonyOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3118
Doughty, LeslieOffice of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1541
Drake, AyokaSupplier Diversity Office617-502-8845
Duplan, Michael S.Office of Vehicle Management617-720-3377
Egidio, SusanOffice of Human Resources and Administration617-720-3120
Espindola, AnnemarieOffice of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1519
Etzel, PeterOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3397
Evers, MichaelCOMMBUYS617-720-3360
Fan, WaiOffice of Audit and Quality Assurance617-720-3154
Fernandez, BettyOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3133
Finklea, PatriciaCOMMBUYS617-720-3307
Fitzpatrick, JohnSupplier Diversity Office617-502-8851
Fleser, DonnaExecutive Office617-720-3103
Forsey, JenniferCOMMBUYS617-720-3144
Frazier, FrankCOMMBUYS617-720-3306
Frizzi, DanielleOffice of Marketing and Communications617-720-3167
Fu, AmyOffice of Human Resources and Administration617-720-3361
Giannantonio, AlexOffice of Vehicle Management617-720-3171
Gonzalez, LucasOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3152
Gonzalez, Maria D.Supplier Diversity Office617-720-3302
Griffin, Mason P.Office of Strategic Sourcing Services617-502-8854
Guerino, PaulSurplus Property617-720-3146
Guerrier, JamesOffice of Vehicle Management617-720-3178
Gunaratne-Graham, LalanaOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3315
Hagman, DonaldCOMMBUYS617-720-3172
Hall, ThomasLegal, Policy and Compliance Office617-502-8853
Hallinan,WilliamCommonwealth Print Services617-720-3365
Imbert, MarieOffice of Audit and Quality Assurance617-720-3159
Jean-Baptiste, RolphOffice of Audit and Quality Assurance617-720-3104
Jones, ScottOffice of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1501
Julien, KritchneySupplier Diversity Office617-502-8858
Keane, LindaOffice of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1546
Kelter, ColeenOffice of Audit and Quality Assurance617-720-3160
Kendall, GlennCommonwealth Print Services617-720-3340
Kennedy, TimOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3107
Kinney, Regina R.Office of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1517
Kwong, JoyceSupplier Diversity Office617-502-8859
Ladd, MaribethLegal, Policy and Compliance Office617-720-3145
Lambert, GaryAssistant Secretary for Operational Services
State Purchasing Agent
- Executive Office
Lyons, SteveOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3373
Ma, Shen MinMIS617-720-3394
MacEvitt, MargeOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3121
Maggiacomo, LoriOffice of Marketing and Communications617-720-3176
Margadonna, BradyOffice of Audit and Quality Assurance617-720-3114
Marra, AndrewCOMMBUYS617-720-3390
Marsh, AlgeriaSupplier Diversity Office617-502-8831
McAvoy, BillLegal, Policy and Compliance Office617-720-3327
McGrath, ElaineCOMMBUYS617-720-3175
McLaughlin, GraceOffice of Human Resources and Administration617-720-3386
McPhail, KimberlyCOMMBUYS617-720-3141
Merchant, ZafarMIS617-720-3151
Miller, RaphaelaOffice of Vehicle Management617-720-3136
Morrissey, TimothyOffice of Vehicle Management617-835-3216
Morse, KatherineOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3153
Murphy, EricCOMMBUYS617-720-3329
Newman, AllisonOffice of Marketing and Communications617-720-3186
Nikolayev, DmitriyLegal, Policy and Compliance Office617-720-3351
Norton, Michael G.Office of Vehicle Management617-720-3173
O'Rourke, ReneeOffice of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1542
Osborne, MaryellenOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3139
Paris Anastos, JodiOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3169
Parker, PatriciaCOMMBUYS617-720-3329
Pestana, JeanneOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3105
Pierre, SuzzanneOffice of Marketing and Communications617-720-3116
Portes Rodriguez, JoanneOffice of Audit and Quality Assurance617-720-3156
Powers, ErinOffice of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1533
Pukmel, ChuckCOMMBUYS617-720-3347
Rasnick, KarenOffice of Vehicle Management617-720-3196
Reid, JamesCOMMBUYS617-720-3313
Reilly, KathyOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3128
Rostamnezhad, ReannOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3324
Shepherd, TurhanOffice of Vehicle Management617-720-3185
Short, PaulCOMMBUYS617-720-3161
Silva, JoseSupplier Diversity Office617-502-8844
Singh, RajivMIS617-720-3192
Stein, MiriamOffice of Marketing and Communications617-720-3134
Sullivan, Julie S.Office of Human Resources and Administration617-720-3108
Swistro, ChristineCOMMBUYS617-720-8848
Tavares, SorraiaOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3304
Tello-Lorenz, ChristineOffice of Training, Events and Outreach617-979-1537
Titus, AndreSupplier Diversity Office617-502-8833
Tso, LindaOffice of Human Resources and Administration617-720-3379
Unhao, StevenOffice of Audit and Quality Assurance617-720-3180
Urato, SaraOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3319
Valliere, PaulaCOMMBUYS617-720-3143
Walsh, JohnOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-720-3380
White, NedraSupplier Diversity Office617-502-8852
Wolfe, JuliaOffice of Strategic Sourcing Services617-502-8836
Wong, JillianOffice of Human Resources and Administration617-502-8843

Office of Vehicle Management

 Repair Line617-720-3178
 "How's My Driving?"617-720-3311
 Auction Hotline (Vehicles Surplus Property)617-720-3199

Supplier Diversity Office

 SDO Reception617-720-3300