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Compliance, Reporting and Auditing for Human and Social Services

AQA has oversight responsibility under 808 CMR 1.00 for contract compliance, financial reporting and auditing applicable to all procurements of Human and Social Services. The Uniform Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Report (UFR) is the set of financial statements and schedules required of human and social service organizations who deliver human and social services via contracts with state departments.

Quality Assurance Reviews

AQA conducts Quality Assurance (QA) reviews to assist 66 Level III Executive Agencies (the Agencies) in achieving and maintaining compliance under procurement regulation 801 CMR 21.00, OSD Procurement Polices, and COMMBUYS Policy for Purchasing Organizations. QA review sets a foundation for interaction and support from the Agencies by establishing an open means of communication between QA and the Agencies.

Statewide Contract Administration Fee

The Statewide Contract Administration Fee is based on 1% of the total dollar amount, adjusted for credits or refunds, paid by eligible entities to statewide contractors. AQA manages the reporting and payment of the Administration Fee by statewide contractors.