The goal of the Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) is to provide vehicles and services which offer the best value for the Commonwealth. The OVM program is mandated for use by Commonwealth departments. As such, this program is not available to the the general public. Information provided on this page is for informational purposes only.

Eligible Users

All departments must lease vehicles through OVM and must comply with OVM's Policies and Procedures docx format of OVM Policy and Procedures Manual
, which are adopted to ensure that state vehicles, as defined, are procured, allocated, operated, marked, repaired and maintained in an effective, economical fashion and consistent with laws of general application.

OVM policies provide all of the rules and regulations associated with the use of Commonwealth vehicles. They apply to all state vehicles, as defined, owned, leased, rented, or received as gifts contracted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Exclusions: Commonwealth's Constitutional, Legislative and Judicial Offices, the public institutions of higher learning, independent authorities, state police troopers and the environmental police.