The following are responses to your most frequently asked questions regarding OSDs' Programs and Services.

Audit and Quality Assurance FAQs :

OSD's Office of Audit and Quality Assurance (AQA) supports contracted vendors and departments in achieving and maintaining compliance with state regulations under the following audit and review functions.

OSD Legal, Policy and Compliance FAQs :

OSD's provides legal and policy support to Commonwealth agencies regarding OSD programs and functions.

Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) FAQs

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP), established pursuant to Executive Order 523, is administered by the Operational Services Division (OSD) with the support of the Executive Office of Administration and Finance.
The SBPP policies direct all Executive Departments to provide special consideration to participating small businesses when procuring non-construction goods and services valued between $10,000 and $150,000.
The SBPP does not include procurements for vertical or horizontal construction since both are covered under statutes outside OSD's authority, MGL c. §149, 44A-H , and MGL c. §30, 39M respectively.

Statewide Contractor Administration Fee FAQs
Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) FAQs :
The Supplier Diversity Program (SDP), formerly known as the Affirmative Market Program (AMP), was established in 2010, pursuant to Executive Order 524, to promote supplier diversity in public contracting. The program instituted policies to encourage the award of state contracts in a manner that develops and strengthens certified Minority and Women Business Enterprises (M/WBEs). Our mission is to increase business opportunities for M/WBEs.
Training, Events and Outreach FAQs