Anyone interested in making a Public Records Request (pursuant to MGL c. 4, §7(26)) for records in the possession of the Operational Services Division (OSD) should follow these guidelines:

  • For access to OSD documents not available on  or, please submit your public records request to: OSD Public Records Administrator, Tom Hall, One Ashburton Place, Room 1017, Boston, MA, 02108   Requests may also be sent electronically to  Requestors will be sent an estimate for the cost of providing (including labor and other costs to research, scan and/or copy and send) the electronic and/or hard copy documents you have requested in your public records request. Once we receive payment for the requested documents, we will contact you about picking up the documents or we will send you the documents, if shipment was included in payment amount. Please note that certain OSD documents (especially executed forms) may contain personally identifiable information and, as such, will also require manual redaction of that personal information at an added expense.
  • For access to procurement and contract related documents for statewide contracts conducted by OSD, check the Commonwealth’s E-Procurement System at Please note that public records requests for procurement or other documents by an agency other than OSD should be sent directly to that other agency.
  • For information about OSD programs and policies and procedures, please review OSD’s website at

For additional information about OSD Public Records Requests, please go to the Frequently Asked Questions for OSD Public Records Requests.