This complete listing of OVM forms is provided for your convenience. Please use the appropriate form based on your required needs.  Detailed instructions can be found on each form.  Please refer to the OVM Policies and Procedures Manual for additional information.

  OVM-CONFIDENTIAL REGISTRATION REQUEST doc format of Confidential Registration Request (Replaces FORM OVM-CRR): Must be renewed every two years.
Request form for confidential registration to be used by law enforcement only or others having received waiver.

  OVM-REQUEST FOR WAIVER doc format of Request for Waiver (Replaces FORM OVM-W): This form is to be used when requesting waiver of OVM Policies or Procedures.

  OVM-VEHICLE DRIVER LOG doc format of Vehicle Driver Log : All Commonwealth vehicles must have a driver log.

  OVM-AUTHORIZED DRIVER AFFIRMATION OF REVIEW AND COMPLIANCE doc format of Auth Driver Affirmation : All drivers of Commonwealth vehicles must sign this form and provide a copy to his/her Agency’s Fleet Manager.

  OVM-OVERNIGHT TRAVEL doc format of Overnight Travel (Replaces FORM-OVM-10): This form must be used when an employee seeks permission to drive a State Vehicle home on a given day if the employee is conducting Official state business before and/or after Normal Business Hours.

OVM-VEHICLE ASSIGNMENT REQUEST doc format of VehAssignmentRqst (Replaces FORM OVM-R):  This form must be completed in full by Departments requesting assignment of a new vehicle.

  OVM-VEHICLE REASSIGNMENT WITHIN SAME AGENCY doc format of VehReassignRqst :  This form must be completed when a vehicle is reassigned to another Commonwealth employee within the same agency.

  OVM-VEHICLE LEASE AND ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT doc format of VehLeaseandAssign :   This agreement must be executed prior to assignment of any new vehicle to a Department by OVM.

  FRINGE BENEFIT FOR TAX REPORTING FOR TAX YEAR 2011 doc format of Fringe Benefit for Tax Reporting for Tax Year 2011 : Federal and State Law requires employers, including the Commonwealth, to include “Fringe Benefit Income” on annual W-2 forms submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Revenue (DOR) for each employee.