NOTICE: Effective March 24, 2014, all references to the Comm-PASS website and related Comm-PASS policies found in the policy documents on this webpage shall be superseded by comparable requirements pertaining to the COMMBUYS website ( upon replacement of the Comm-PASS system.

Welcome to the Operational Services Division's Procurement Information Center. Each major component of the procurement process is presented as a link from this page. The major topic is listed along with associated policy and expanded guidance, some of which have been issued as a separate OSD Policy Guidance documents. We hope you will find this site convenient and user-friendly. We also hope it will be easier for you to keep up-to-date on the latest policy changes. Changes will be accomplished by completely replacing the affected document (which will have a revised date). We will also tell you what has changed.

Executive Summary of New Policy Changes docx format of SDP Procurement Language
(effective October 1, 2013)

Procurement Overview doc format of procurement_intro.doc
- OSD Legal Authority, Strategic Oversight and the Required Use of Statewide Contracts (Revised 10/1/2013)

Associated Policies and Guidance:

Procurement Exceptions doc format of except.doc
(Revised 5/19/2014)

Associated Policies and Guidance:

How to Do a Competitive Procurement doc format of procure.doc

Associated Policies and Guidance:

Associated Policies and Guidance:

Human and Social Services/Purchase of Service (POS) Contracts:

Contract Execution and Management:

Vendor Debarment - All departments must check the debarred vendor lists before awarding or renewing a contract in order to ensure that they are not awarding a contract to a debarred vendor.

The following documents pertaining to contract execution and management have been jointly issued by the Operational Services Division and the Office of the Comptroller.