• Buy From a Statewide Contract

    Buying through statewide contracts can offer significant benefits, including time savings, obtaining best value at competitive prices and establishment of long term relationships. The Operational Services Division (OSD) can help you get the most out of statewide contracts, determine if you are eligible to use them, and assist you in buying from minority and women-owned businesses as well as purchasing environmentally friendly products.
  • Sell to the State

    OSD can help you do business with the Commonwealth by providing guidance on becoming a contractor; exploring opportunities for women or minority owned businesses and more!
  • Conduct a Procurement

    Commonwealth agencies or other public entities that are conducting procurements need to learn the necessary regulations, policies and procedures to ensure fairness in the bid process. Members of these agencies can also become a member of a Strategic Sourcing Services Team and participate in the planning process. Learn how OSD can help you find the information you need to get started.
  • OSD Training, Events and Outreach

    The Operational Services Division offers free training classes to both the buyer and seller community in order to increase the knowledge base of those involved in the purchasing and procurement of goods and services, including COMMBUYS Market Center.
  • Procurement Programs and Services

    Learn about the Supplier Diversity Program, Environmentally Preferable Products, Vehicle Management, Non-Profit Purchasing, and more.