• Current Prevailing Wage Rates, FAC70 Tradespersons

    FAC70 Tradespersons Contracts are subject to the Commonwealth Prevailing Wage Law; M.G.L. c 149 Sections 26 and 27.  OSD’s Strategic Sourcing Unit has secured all current Prevailing Wage Rates for each of the 14 Massachusetts’ Counties covered by this contract.  The effective dates of these rate schedules are for the period of, June 27, 2014 to December 15, 2014.   Contract users should always reference these links when considering quotes from FAC70 contractors to ensure that Prevailing Wage Rates are quoted and paid upon job completion.

  • Current Prevailing Wage Rates, FAC77 Landscaping Services

    Statewide Contract FAC77 Landscaping Services, Tree Trimming, Catch Basin Cleaning, Snow Removal and Related Services requires the use of Prevailing Wage Rates for some tasks. Whenever it is determined that a task or job falls under the prevailing wage requirement, contractors are required to submit a completed certified payroll record to an engaging Eligible Entity after the completion of the job.  Eligible Entities must review the Certified Payroll Record when paying a related invoice, but shall not delay payment absent the timely availability of a Certified Payroll Record.