The Operational Services Division (OSD) has developed a standard guide for how to use each statewide contract.  The Contract User Guide is intended to make it easier for users to understand the components of the contract, to make informed decisions and to place orders.


Update as of February 09, 2018. While the website is undergoing a transformation and until further notice, all of OSD’s current Contract User Guides should be accessed in COMMBUYS:

Once in COMMBUYS, select Contract & Bid Search > Contracts/Blankets > Enter the Contract Number (ex. FAC100) in the Contract/Blanket Description field. Select the Conversion Vendor/Contract Information (PO#) hyperlink. The Contract User Guide is posted as an attachment. Reach the COMMBUYS Help Desk with questions: 888-MA-STATE or Note: a COMMBUYS login is not required.

Contract User Guides include: 
  • Contract Summary (including Category Names)
  • Benefits and Cost Savings
  • Who Can Use this Contract?
  • Pricing and Purchase Options
  • Additional Information
  • Contract Counties or Regions
  • Vendor List and Contract Information

For your convenience, the following list of new Contract User Guides provides a direct link to each Guide.  As we continue to convert older OSD Updates to the new Contract User Guide format, or create Guides for newly awarded contracts, we will add them to this list.

Currently Available Contract User Guides by Categories: Update as of  February 09, 2018

CLT - Clothing and Footwear
ENE - Energy, Utilities and Fuel
FAC - Facilities Maintenance and Repair
FIR - Fire/EMS
GRO - Food and Groceries
HLS - Homeland Security
HSP - Healthcare, Lab & Dental Products
ITC - Information Technology - Hardware
ITS - Information Technology - Software & Services
ITT - Information Technology - Telecommunications
LAW - Public Safety, Law Enforcement & Protection
MED - Medical
OFF - Office, Recreation & Educational Supplies
OVM - Vehicles, Transportation & Road Maintenance
PRF - Professional Services
TRD - Tradespersons
VEH - Vehicles, Transportation & Road Maintenance


CLT Clothing and Footwear

CLT08 pdf format of CLT08
- Clothing, Uniforms, Footwear, Accessories, Personal Care Products and Bedding Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 10/23/17)

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ENE Energy, Utilities and Fuel
ENEFY18 - Daily Price Index for Fuels Record pdf format of Daily Price Index for Fuels Record
 (Last Updated: 12/20/17)

ENE40 pdf format of ENE40
- Diesel Fuels: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Biodiesel Statewide Contract (Last Updated: 02/08/18)

ENE41 pdf format of ENE41
- Gasoline Statewide Contract (Last Updated 02/08/18)

ENE43 pdf format of ENE43
- Electricity Statewide Contract  (Last Updated: 12/15/16)

ENE44 pdf format of ENE44
- Natural Gas Statewide Contract  (Last Updated:  09/26/16)

ENE45 pdf format of ENE45
- No. 2 Heating Oil and No.4 & 6 Residual Fuels Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 02/08/18)

ENE46 pdf format of ENE46
- Propane Statewide Contract (Last Updated: 11/30/17)

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FAC - Facilities Maintenance and Repair

FAC64 pdf format of FAC64
- Security, Surveillance, Monitoring and Access Control Systems Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/10/17)

FAC77 pdf format of FAC77
file size 1MB - Landscaping Services, Tree Trimming, Catch Basin Cleaning, Snow Removal and Related Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/24/17)

FAC81 pdf format of FAC81
- Janitorial Services, Environmentally Preferable Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 12/21/17)

FAC82  pdf format of FAC82
- Hazardous/Universal, Medical, and Electronic Waste Disposal and Emergency Response Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/24/18)

FAC83designatedDCAMM pdf format of FAC83DesignatedDCAMM
- Renewable/Alternative Energy Credit Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/21/16)

FAC85  pdf format of FAC85
- Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products, Program, Equipment and Supplies Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/04/18)

FAC86 pdf format of FAC86
 - Solid Waste and Recycling Services Statewide Contract User Guide  (Last Updated: 02/08/18)

FAC87designatedDEP pdf format of FAC87designatedDEP
- Recycling Containers, Compost Bins and Rain Barrels Statewide Contract  (Last Updated: 02/01/18)

FAC88 pdf format of FAC88
 - Lawns & Grounds, Equipment, Parts and Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/10/17)

FAC89designatedDCAMM pdf format of FAC89DesignatedDCAMM
- Demand Response Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 10/18/16)

FAC90designatedDEP pdf format of FAC90designatedDEP
- Carpet and Mattress Recycling Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/16/17)

FAC91designatedDCAMM pdf format of FAC91designatedDCAMM
- Solar PV Inspection Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/07/16)

FAC92 pdf format of FAC92
- Integrated Pest Management Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/17/18)

FAC93 pdf format of FAC93
- Security Services, Private Investigative Services, and Fence Rental Statewide Contract   (Last Updated:  09/29/17)

FAC94 pdf format of FAC94
- Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Products, Supplies and Small Hand & Power Tools Statewide Contract (Last Updated: 11/30/17)

FAC96 pdf format of FAC96
- Records Management, Storage and Archiving Services and Moving Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated:  12/27/17)

FAC97 pdf format of FAC97
- Equipment Rental Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 05/12/17)

FAC100 pdf format of FAC100
- Building Maintenance Repair and Operations Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 12/21/17)

FAC102 pdf format of FAC102
- Athletic Supplies and Physical Education Equipment Statewide Contract   (Last Updated:  09/22/17)

FAC104 pdf format of FAC104
- Landscaping Products, Parks and Recreation Equipment and Related Products, Supplies and Service Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/10/17)

FAC105 pdf format of FAC105
 - Maintenance Repair and Operations Industrial and Building Retail Products Statewide Contract   (Last Updated:  07/31/17)

FAC106 pdf format of FAC106
 - Water Treatment Chemicals and Alternative Treatment Systems Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/10/18)

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FIR - Fire/EMS

FIR04 pdf format of FIR04
-  Public Safety Equipment, Supplies, Services and Repairs Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/25/18)

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GRO - Food and Groceries

GRO30 pdf format of GRO30
- Prime Grocers Statewide Contract (Last Updated: 09/06/17)

GRO32 pdf format of GRO32
- Dairy Products Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/06/17)

GRO33 pdf format of GRO33
- Baked Goods Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/06/17)

GRO34 pdf format of GRO34
- Bottled Water, Emergency Bottled Water, Water Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Coffee Services with available Services and Supplies Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/06/17)

GRO35 pdf format of GRO35
- Foodservice Supplies and Equipment, Institutional Commercial Grade Large and Small Statewide Contract (Last Updated: 10/02/17)

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HLS - Homeland Security

HLS02designatedMEMA - Disaster Debris Monitoring Services - Please contact (at MEMA) for information.

HLS03designatedMEMA - Disaster Debris Management Services - Please contact (at MEMA) for information.

HLS05 pdf format of HLS05
- Homeland Security, Public Safety, and Traffic Safety Supplies Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/22/17)


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HSP - Healthcare, Lab & Dental Products

HSP39 pdf format of HSP39
- GPO for Medical Commodities & Equipment Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 07/31/17)

HSP40 pdf format of HSP40
- Medical Commodities Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/23/18)

HSP41  pdf format of HSP41
- Laboratory Supplies and Equipment  (Last Updated: 08/11/17)

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ITC - Information Technology - Hardware

ITC47  pdf format of ITC47
- IT Hardware and Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 10/02/17)

ITC49 pdf format of ITC49
- IT Asset Lease Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 07/13/17)

ITC54 pdf format of ITC54
- Data Cable Products and Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 10/05/17)

ITC66 pdf format of ITC66
- Copiers, Printers, Scanners and Related Devices and Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 03/08/17)

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ITS - Information Technology - Software & Services

ITS19 pdf format of ITS19
- Oracle Software and Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/16/17)

ITS51 pdf format of ITS51DesignatedITD
- eDiscovery Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 12/10/14)

ITS53ProjServGIS pdf format of ITS53ProjServGIS
- IT Project Services - Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Contract   (Last Updated: 09/15/17)

ITS53ProjServSP pdf format of ITS53ProjServSP
- IT Project Services - Solution Providers Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 12/07/17)

ITS53ProjServTS pdf format of ITS53ProjServTS
- IT Project Services - Technical Specialist Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/15/17)

ITS55DesignatedMassIT pdf format of ITS55
- IBM Software, Appliances, Maintenance, and Technical Support Statewide Contract - Please contact Eziquio.l.Souza@MassMail.State.MA.US (EOTSS) for information.(Last Updated: 11/30/17)

ITS58 pdf format of ITS58
- Software Reseller Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/22/17)

ITS59 pdf format of ITS59
- Information Technology Independent Research Services Statewide Contract   (Issued:  09/22/17)

ITS61DesignatedMassIT - IT Accessibility Audit, Consulting and Training Services - Please contact (MassIT) for information.

ITS63 pdf format of ITS63StaffAug Cats 1 and 3
- IT Staff Augmentation Full Service and Niche Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/24/17)

ITS63 pdf format of ITS63StaffAug Cat2A and Cat2B
- IT Staff Augmentation Lower Overhead Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/24/17)

ITS65DesignatedITD pdf format of ITS65DesignatedITD
- ESRI GIS Software and Services Statewide Contract (Last Updated: 11/25/17)

ITS67 pdf format of ITS67
- Equipment Maintenance Program Statewide Contract   (Last Updated:  09/22/17)

SBP01 pdf format of SBP01
- Small-Scale IT Professional Services / IT Small Business Incubator Contract   (Last Updated: 1/26/17)


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ITT - Information Technology - Telecommunications

ITT46 pdf format of ITT46
- Network Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/23/18)

ITT50 pdf format of ITT50
- Converged Voice and Data Communications Systems, Services and Equipment Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 06/15/17)

ITT57 pdf format of ITT57
- 2 -Way Radio Equipment and Supplies Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 12/12/17)

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LAW - Public Safety, Law Enforcement & Protection


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MED - Medical

MED47 pdf format of MED47
- Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/07/17)

MED48 pdf format of MED48
- Pharmaceutical GPO Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 07/18/14)

MED51 pdf format of MED51
- Influenza Vaccine for 2017 - 2018 Flu Season Statewide Contract   (Issued:  09/08/17)

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OFF - Office, Recreation & Educational Supplies


OFF36 pdf format of OFF36
- Office Supplies, Recycled Paper and Envelopes Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/16/18)

OFF38 pdf format of OFF38
- Office, School and Library Furniture, Accessories & Installation Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/17/17)

OFF39  pdf format of OFF39
- Postage and Mail Processing Equipment, Accessories, Services & Supplies  (Last Updated: 1/31/17)

OFF40 pdf format of OFF40
- Audio, Video, Multimedia Presentation Equipment and Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 06/07/17)

OFF44 pdf format of OFF44
- Print, Copy & Mail Services, and Printed Promotional Products Statewide Contract  (Last Updated: 01/24/18)

OFF45 pdf format of OFF45
- Art and Instructional School Supplies Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/29/17)

OFF46 pdf format of OFF46
- Small Package Delivery Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 04/03/17)

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OVM - Vehicles, Transportation & Road Maintenance

OVM09 pdf format of OVM09
- Short-Term Rental of Various Light Duty Vehicles Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/30/18)


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PRF - Professional Services

PRF54 pdf format of PRF54
- Tax Exempt Lease Purchase (TELP) Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/18/17)

PRF55DesignatedOSC - Debt Collection Services - Please contact for information

PRF56DesignatedOSC01 - Information Management, Data Security, and Payment Card Industry Compliance - Please contact for information

PRF56DesignatedOSC02 - Audit, Accounting, Compliance, Security, and Revenue Recovery - Please contact for information

PRF57 pdf format of PRF57
- Enterprise Temporary Help Services; MHEC Contract #MC15-J03 Statewide Wide Contract   (Last Updated: 09/14/17)

PRF58DesignatedOSC - A/R Recovery - Please contact (Office of the Comptroller) for information

PRF59 pdf format of PRF59
- Card Processing Services Statewide Contract   (Issued: 09/21/15)

PRF59ADesignatedOSC pdf format of PRF59ADesignatedOSC
- Electronic Payment Solutions Statewide Contract   (Issued:  11/17/15)

PRF60 pdf format of PRF60
- Advertising, Marketing and Event Planning Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 11/16/17)

PRF61  pdf format of PRF61
- Management Consultants, Program Coordinators and Planners Services Statewide Contract  (Last Updated: 02/06/18)

PRF62DesignatedDOER pdf format of PRF62Designated DOER
- Energy Consulting Services  (Last Updated: 11/02/16)

PRF63 pdf format of PRF63
- Foreign Language Interpretation and Translation Services Statewide Contract (Last Updated:  10/25/16)

PRF65  pdf format of PRF65
file size 1MB - Business Process Redesign Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/26/17)

PRF67DesignatedDCAMM pdf format of PRF67DesignatedDCAMM
- Environmental Engineering, Diagnostics, and Testing Statewide Contract  (Last Updated: 06/19/17)

PRF69 pdf format of PRF69
- Facilities Engineering Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 02/06/18)

SSP1601 pdf format of SSP1601
- Sale and Removal of Scrap Metals Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 12/01/16)

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TRD - Tradesperson

TRD01 pdf format of TRD01
- Tradesperson Installation, Repair and Maintenance Statewide Contract (Last Updated: 05/12/17)

TRD02 pdf format of TRD02
- Tradesperson Installation, Repair and Maintenance Statewide Contract (Last Updated:  12/28/17)

TRD03 pdf format of TRD03
- Tradesperson Installation, Repair and Maintenance Statewide Contract (Last Updated:  01/24/18)

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VEH - Vehicles, Transportation & Road Maintenance

VEH84A pdf format of VEH84A
- Vehicle Maintenance Management Services & Accident Subrogation Services Statewide Contract    (Last Updated: 08/24/17)

VEH93 pdf format of VEH93
- Heavy Duty Vehicle Statewide Contract    (Last Updated: 09/28/17)

VEH95 pdf format of VEH95
- Sodium Chloride (Road Salt) Statewide Contract    (Last Updated: 12/13/17)

VEH96 pdf format of VEH96
 - Light, Medium, Heavy Duty OEM & NON-OEM Motorized Vehicle Parts, Refined Motor Oil, Lubricants Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 12/15/17)

VEH97 pdf format of VEH97
- Tires, Tubes & Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 12/07/17)

VEH98 pdf format of VEH98
- Purchase of Light Duty Vehicles - Passenger Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Vans, SSVs and PPVs Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/11/18)

VEH99 pdf format of VEH99
- Fleet Information Management System (FIMS) Statewide Contract (Last Updated: 09/14/16)

VEH100 pdf format of VEH100
file size 1MB - Fuel Card & Fuel Management Services Statewide Contract   (Last Updated: 01/12/17)

VEH102DesignatedDOER pdf format of VEH102DesignatedDOER
- Advanced Vehicle Technology Equipment, Supplies and Services Contract   (Last Updated: 11/29/16)

VEH103 pdf format of VEH103
- Windshield and Glass Replacement for Vehicles Statewide Contract   (Last Updated:  10/03/17)

VEH105 pdf format of VEH105
- Vehicle Lifts (Last Updated:  11/09/17)

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