• New content promotes using the seven steps of strategic sourcing and ties the concepts together;
      • Simplified language makes the policy easier to understand;
      • Rather than multiple separate documents, all of the documents that previously comprised the Procurement Information Center now reside in one place that is easily searchable, including appendices and links to external information;
      • Eliminates redundancies and clarifies policies;
      • Incorporates previously separate COMMBUYS policy information; and
      • Revised OSD forms and RFR terms.



Date of Issue: July 14, 2016
Last Revision Date: July 14, 2016
Version 1


Introduction And Executive Summary

This Best Value Procurement Handbook sets forth the policy requirements and best practices established pursuant to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ procurement regulation, 801 CMR 21.00, Procurement of Commodities and Services, including Human and Social Services. This Handbook provides comprehensive guidance to Departments on competitive procurement, purchasing and contract management requirements for goods and services, including use of the Operational Services Division’s (OSD) COMMBUYS Market Center. COMMBUYS is the designated source for posting all jurisdictional bids, accepting electronic responses, awarding contracts and associated catalogs, documenting procurement exceptions, and issuing requisitions and purchase orders. Collectively, the requirements outlined in this policy are designed to ensure an open, fair, and competitive procurement process, as well as an efficient and transparent purchasing process. 

The guidance in this document must be followed by all Executive Branch Departments. Some non-Executive Departments (collectively, Departments) have elected to follow 801 CMR 21.00 and are encouraged to follow this guidance as well.

II. Overview of OSD's Departments' Roles and Responsibilities

III. Competitive Procurement Requirements

IV. Purchasing Through COMMBUYS

V. Comptroller Oversight

VI. State Grant Posting Requirements

VII. Appendices

If you have any questions or feedback about the Best Value Procurement Handbook, please email OSDhandbookpolicy@massmail.state.ma.us . We hope you find it to be a beneficial tool for sourcing and procurement!