Appendix C

801 CMR 21.00 Object Code Limits For Incidental Purchases (INP)

Note: The Expenditure Classification Handbook (ECH) lists Incidental Purchase guidance for each object code.

Incidental Purchase Transaction Matrix

The matrix below provides direction to Departments for making incidental purchases of goods and services that are not available on Statewide Contract.

Incidental Purchases/Purchases
up to $10,000 (purchases NOT
on Statewide Contract)
Contract Documentation Required
Commodity or Service not on Statewide ContractINP (<$5,000)N/A

Object codes in EE, FF, GG, JJ, KK RR do not require T&C/SCF, invoice only*

Object codes in HH, LL, MM, NN do not require T&C/SCF <$5,000, invoice only*

Commodity or Service not on Statewide ContractGAP/GAE/GAX (>$5,000-$10,000)N/A

Object codes in HH, LL, MM, NN require T&C/SCF >$5,000

Commodity or Service not on Statewide ContractRQS/CT/PRC
RPO/PRM (service)
QS/PC/PRC (commodity)
(any amount)
N/AT&C/SCF required if these transactions used

*T&C/SCF is recommended for any purchase requiring complex specifications, performance terms, or contractual terms (such as ownership of deliverables). The AGO has advised against Departments signing vendor contracts, purchase orders, or invoices with contractual terms, including website shopping carts and click-through agreements.