Comm-PASS Policy for Commonwealth Executive Departments doc format of NEW Comm-PASS Guidance ver4.0 with ARRA info
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This policy issued by the State Purchasing Agent applies to all records posted in the site by executive departments. Other purchasing organizations may use it for Best Practice guidance.


Executive Department Purchasers

Executive Departments should place these forms in their Comm-PASS Document Libraries to ensure inclusion on their postings.

Comm-PASS Purchasing Community

Purchasing Community Membership Information

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Submittal Forms
For use only by Comm-PASS Purchasing Community members who have not yet completed training. Do NOT submit these forms until you have completed the Comm-PASS Purchasing Community forms above.

Solicitation Submittal Form doc format of YYYY_MM_DD_ENTITYNAME_DOCUMENTNUMBER_commpass_subm
To post either: announcements including legal notices, intent to bid, bid packet availability, requests for information or any other procurement document that does not include forms, terms, or specifications that directly result in a contract; or bids which include forms, terms, and specifications which may directly result in a contract award. Files must be provided by purchaser.

Construction Solicitation Submittal Form doc format of comm-pass_construction(149)_submittal.doc
To post (1) announcements of construction over $10 million or the related requests for qualifications required by MGL c. 149, § 44D½ & MGL c. 149, §44D¾ ; or (2) announcements of construction involving a Construction Manager at risk required by MGL c.149A, § 5(e) or requests for selecting the CM at risk and Trade Subcontractor for said building projects required by MGL c. 149A, § 8 (d) .

Contract Submittal Form doc format of commpass_contract_submittal.doc
To post contract awards indicating the awarded vendor(s), goods and services contracted, and terms and conditions of contract.

Guidance Documents

Process to becoming a Statewide Contract Vendor pdf format of Process to becoming a Statewide Contract Vendor

How to locate open Solicitations pdf format of Solicitation Assistance Review

Comm-PASS Forums - Create pdf format of commpass_create_forum
file size 3MB
Want to eliminate the administrative burdens of accepting written questions from bidders? This tool allows anyone to submit written questions, provide contact information, review previously submitted questions to reduce or eliminate redundany during a period defined by you.

Comm-PASS Forums - Manage and Answer Questions pdf format of commpass_manage_forum
file size 5MB
Review time-stamped questions identified by submitter, draft answers, attach documents to answers, and finalize answers for publication. Allows for clarifications, as well.

Managing Changes in Your Departments pdf format of commpass_reports
Can you create a 60-day report or determine if a vendor holds one or more contracts in Comm-PASS? This extensive PowerPoint presentation guides purchasers through the powerful Comm-PASS reporting tools.

Comm-PASS Login and Manage Profile pdf format of commpass_manage_buyer_profile
file size 5MB
Are you using Quick Links, Items I'm Tracking? Do you know how to change your Contact Information? This extensive PowerPoint presentation guides purchasers through their Comm-PASS Desktop for maximum efficiency. 
SmartBid Subscribed Vendors

OSD Statewide Contract bids require online response submission via Comm-PASS for subscribers. See the Reference Guide below for assistance. You can also contact the Comm-PASS Help Desk at comm-pass@state.ma.us.

Vendor On Line Response Submission Reference Guide pdf format of Vendor_Online_Response_Class_Workflow_Guide
file size 5MB
Use this reference guide to:

  • Help you setup and maintain your SmartBid profile
  • Maximize your Business Directory listing
  • Create your online response submissions
  • Manage your solicitations and contracts through your Desktop

Optimize Your Business Directory Listing ppt format of manage_busdir_listing.ppt
file size 1MB

  • Use this reference guide to enhance your Business Directory listing

SDO-certification Error Report Form docx format of commpass_sdo_validation_error_vendors_02_2012.doc
After 24 hours, submit this form to comm-pass@state.ma.us to report that your company is not properly displayed as SDO-certified in (1) an Interested Bidders' List, (2) a Contract Vendor List, or (3) the Business Directory.