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The Basics
Becoming a Registered Vendor in COMMBUYS

If you have not yet registered in COMMBUYS, you could be missing out on the chance to learn about and respond to new opportunities. Registration is free and takes a few minutes.  Find an instructional video on the registration process and seller FAQs on our Business Registration page.

Maintain an Updated Vendor Profile

All registered vendors should review their COMMBUYS profile regularly to ensure that their information is up-to-date and accurate. In particular, the company's Seller Administrator should check the following:

  • Your company address is complete;
  • You have assigned at least one person to the COMMBUYS "Seller" role to receive updates and bid notifications;
  • The name of your business is properly noted in the Vendor Legal Name field;
  • UNSPSC code(s) specified on your profile is/are appropriately aligned with the goods/services supplied by your business. The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) is a global products and services classification system that OSD utilizes to notify businesses about opportunities posted in the COMMBUYS Market Center.

Reference our Vendor Set-Up Reminders pptx format of Vendor Set Up Reminders
document to assist you in reviewing your profile information.  Guidance on UNSPSC codes is available via webcast.   

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Responding to Bids
Help for Vendors Responding to Bids

OSD offers a 16-minute webcast to assist vendors in learning about responding to bids in COMMBUYS.  Access the How to Locate and Respond to a Bid in COMMBUYS webcast as well as other training resources on the page.

Submitting Qualification ("No Charge") Quotes in COMMBUYS   

COMMBUYS allows Purchasers to solicit qualification materials and/or complex pricing documents from vendors (Bidders) as attachments. A Bid will still be required to have at least one Item in it, but potential Bidders will be able to view additional instructions in the RFR and in the Bid Item providing them the information necessary to submit a non-price Quote or a Quote with pricing as an attachment.

If the Quote does not require an actual price, Bidders will be instructed either to enter $1 into the Item, or check off the "No Charge" box that is available to Bidders as an option.  Once that action is taken, Bidders will be able to upload qualifications and other documentation as attachments and submit a valid Quote.

Vendors Can Withdraw and Amend Their Quotes in COMMBUYS

Vendors may find that they need to update information on a quote they have submitted in response to a bid in COMMBUYS. If the Bid Opening Date has not been reached, the bidder can withdraw the quote, “reopen” it, make modifications and submit it again. COMMBUYS will not allow vendors to withdraw a submitted quote after the Bid Opening Date. Similarly, for informal bids that allow the purchaser to open quotes as soon as they are received, vendors are not able to amend quotes that were opened by the buyer.

Open Bids in COMMBUYS 

Vendors can readily view a current listing of open bids in COMMBUYS.  Go to and select Open Bids.  Sellers may narrow the search by clicking on the dropdown arrow to reveal available business categories.  Select categories of interest to your business. 

Fulfilling Orders
Finding Purchase Orders

Step-by-step guidance for is available in our job aid.  Additionally, we offer a 20-minute webcast providing a general overview of the COMMBUYS system and focusing on the steps necessary to Find Purchase Orders in COMMBUYS.

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