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Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) Eligibility Validation and Revised COMMBUYS Policy for Purchasing Organizations

As of November 24th, COMMBUYS is validating Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) eligibility information submitted by companies.  The validation process is conducted through an interface with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR).  As part of this process, each company registered in COMMBUYS as an SBPP participant will receive an email regarding its SBPP status and additional steps they may take to review their SBPP status with OSD if they receive notice of program disqualification.  All companies registering to participate in the SBPP program as of November 24, 2014 will receive eligibility validation results immediately after COMMBUYS registration. 

While eligibility criteria for the SBPP program has not changed, OSD has updated the policy governing Small Procurements and the treatment of SBPP vendors, including bid notification language, use of verified small businesses, entering vendor information into MMARS, and the departmental SBPP spending benchmark. Visit the Small Business Purchasing Program website to review the policy updates and guidance in detail. 

COMMBUYS Enhancements

COMMBUYS represents the new frontier in large-scale business systems: Software as a Service (SaaS). Unlike older software applications, where upgrades can take months or years to plan and implement, SaaS solution enhancements can be implemented on a frequent basis.

The November 3rd upgrade resulted in a number of improvements for buyers including:

Organization Administrator:

  • Extended configuration capability, enabling Organizations to specify whether or not specific Locations can initiate a change order;
  • The ability to search by Role on the User Maintenance page.


  • A fix to eliminate error messages and enable a smooth review and approval process of Bids issued against Statewide Contracts. Going forward, when a Department solicits Quotes against a Statewide Contract, the system will assign a valid Purchaser from within the Department to the purchase;
  • Improved search capability, including Vendor search by EIN;
  • In the Advanced Search on the Quick Buy screen, the ability to mark as "favorites" those items ordered on a frequent basis;
  • A fix to ensure Incomplete Orders can be completed and processed;
  • Expanded capabilities for Department Access users;
  • The ability for scorers to view and download all Bid Documents on the Bid tab.

These COMMBUYS enhancements will be the first of many updates to bring new and improved features to COMMBUYS buyers and sellers.  More details will be posted when available.

Punch-Out Catalogs

Punch-out catalogs enable buyers to search for items and make their selections using a contract vendor’s online catalog and then pull those selections into their Requisition in COMMBUYS. Current punch-out catalogs offer a variety of commodities including office supplies, medical and hospital supplies, and IT services to name a few. OSD has continued to expand the number of available punch-out catalogs offering an even larger number of items for online catalog purchasing. Currently-available punch-out catalogs include: G.A. Blanco and Sons (OFF20), Government Scientific Source (HSP34), Grainger (FAC76), Fastenal (FAC76), MSC Industrial Supply (FAC76), New England Office Supply (OFF36), W.B. Mason (OFF36), and VWR International (HSP34).  Access our job aid providing guidance for purchasing from an online punch-out catalog pdf format of Purchase from a Vendor Online Punchout G2B Catalog
file size 1MB


Get tips from the experts.  Peruse our collection of day-to-day user recommendations and refine your COMMBUYS skills. 

COMMBUYS Resource Center

Have you visited our Resource Center lately?  Visitors can easily access instructional webcasts and job aids on recurring buyer activities, acquire valuable user tips on bid preparation, purchasing, and basic navigation, as well as find current policy information and needed forms.  Pay us a visit today! 


OSD offers numerous computer-based and classroom training opportunities for buyers.  Our webcasts offer detailed instructions on topics ranging from basic COMMBUYS navigation to UNSPSC guidance and are immediately accessible with a click of your mouse.  Instructions for recurring buyer activities are additionally offered through our collection of job aids.  These visual supports provide step-by-step instructions on recurring tasks related to requisitions, bids, purchase orders, Organization Administrator (OA) activities, and general COMMBUYS navigation.  Our program of instructor-led training includes OA, Procurement, and Purchasing training classes and drop-in sessions.  Buyers are encouraged to consult the OSD Training and Events calendar to view a wide range of procurement-related training possibilities.


Help Desk assistance is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.


Telephone: (1-888) 627-8283

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