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All Commonwealth agencies, colleges, local governments, school departments and other entities eligible to use COMMBUYS are invited to appoint a COMMBUYS Liaison.

Liaisons are the primary point of contact for your agency/organization.  Liaisons receive project updates and training information to share with colleagues and have the ability to provide feedback to our team about COMMBUYS.

Find your COMMBUYS Liaison xlsx format of Agency Liaison List

Appoint a COMMBUYS Liaison

Agency Liaisons:

  • Represent each Commonwealth executive agency, Commonwealth Legislative and Judicial agency, Municipality and/or schools and non-profits.
  • Responsibilities will include serving as communication and change enablement liaisons to support the implementation of COMMBUYS in their respective department or agency and being primary point of contact for Change Agents.

Stay tuned for updates about registering for COMMBUYS and stay connected by looking for updates in the Resource Center 

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