COMMBUYS PunchOut catalogs offer the convenience of selecting Statewide Contract products from a vendor’s e-commerce website.* These online shopping sites, offered by a growing number of Statewide Contract vendors, only are accessible via COMMBUYS and enable buyers to easily locate and purchase the associated vendor’s Statewide Contract products at the pre-negotiated Statewide Contract price.


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Using COMMBUYS PunchOut Functionality

To initiate a PunchOut purchase, log in to COMMBUYS and click the shopping cart icon on the top right side of the COMMBUYS navigation dashboard. Then, select the Vendor drop-down menu to display available PunchOut catalogs. Once shopping is complete, the buyer’s selections are pulled back into COMMBUYS, summarized on a COMMBUYS requisition, and are ready for approval.


*If a Statewide Contract vendor does not offer a PunchOut catalog, buyers still may make purchases from those vendors using a line item catalog in COMMBUYS.


PunchOut Purchasing Resources

PunchOut Job Aid – Walks buyers through the steps to complete a PunchOut purchase pdf format of Purchase from a Vendor Online (Punchout) G2B Catalog
file size 1MB.

Buyer Navigation Guides – Provided by PunchOut vendors, these guides offer PunchOut utilization tips and user support services. Find available guides on the vendor’s MBPO in COMMBUYS.

COMMBUYS Purchasing Training – Offered by OSD’s Training Department, COMMBUYS Purchasing Training teaches participants how to complete line item catalog and PunchOut purchases in COMMBUYS. See the Buyer Training Schedule pdf format of Buyer Schedule 2016
for available dates.

PunchOut Tips – Locate PunchOut purchasing tips in OSD’s Buyer User Tips pdf format of Buyer User Tips
file size 1MB booklet. Reference Tips 3-5,
3-10, 3-13, and 3-14.

Available PunchOuts by Statewide Contract

Discover the Statewide Contracts currently offering PunchOuts and the associated vendors. Select the Statewide Contract links below to get contract details including benefits and cost savings, category descriptions (if applicable), pricing and purchasing information, and COMMBUYS guidance.**

FAC76 – Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Products, Supplies, and Equipment

FAC76 pdf format of FAC76
:This contract provides a vast array of building materials and supplies and covers a wide range of products, supplies, and equipment to support mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.

  • A&A Industrial Supply/Albeco Fasteners
  • Ferguson
  • F.W. Webb
  • Granite City Electric
  • Graybar
  • Kaufman Company
  • Metropolitan Pipe and Supply Co.
  • Motion Industries
  • Northeast Electrical
  • Standard Electric


FAC94 – Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Industrial/Commercial Products

FAC94 pdf format of FAC94
:This contract provides maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) industrial/commercial products.

  • Fastenal
  • Grainger
  • MSC Industrial Supply


FIR04 - Public Safety Equipment, supplies, Services and Repairs

FIR04 pdf format of FIR04
: This contract covers a large variety of Public Safety Equipment, Supplies, Services and Repairs which are available from a broad variety of authorized dealers representing various manufacturers.

  • Airgas, Inc.


HLS05 - Homeland Security

HLS05 pdf format of HLS05
: This contract provides products, equipment, and supplies for disaster preparedness, emergency response, fire safety, homeland security, public safety, traffic safety, and other related products.

  • Safeware, Inc


HSP40 - Medical Commodities

HSP40 pdf format of HSP40
: This contract covers medical commodities for medical, surgical, urological, or wound care that are used for the provision of healthcare in any setting with the exception of laboratory supplies and equipment, prescription drugs, and medical equipment costing more than $5,000 per unit.

  • McKesson Medical-Surgical


HSP41 - Laboratory Supplies

HSP41 pdf format of HSP41
: This educational, healthcare, and scientific laboratory contract covers laboratory supplies and minor laboratory equipment, peripherals, and furnishings, as well as installation services, training on purchased equipment, general repairs, and test result reporting.

  • Fisher Scientific
  • Government Scientific Source
  • Grainger Laboratory
  • VWR International
  • Wilkem Scientific


MED38 – Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor

MED38 pdf format of MED38
: This contract covers available prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and related pharmaceutical supply items and equipment.

  • Cardinal Health


OFF32 – Photocopier, Facsimile, Digital Duplicator Equipment and Service; Photocopier, Facsimile, Digital Duplicator, and Printer Supplies

OFF32 pdf format of OFF32
: This contract covers the purchase, lease, or rental of energy-efficient copiers, faxes, digital duplicating equipment, and service and supplies.

  • G.A. Blanco and Sons


OFF36 – Office Supplies, Recycled Paper, and Envelopes

OFF36 pdf format of OFF36
: This contract provides office supplies, recycled paper, and envelopes.

  • W.B. Mason
  • xpedx

VEH96 – Light, Medium, Heavy Duty OEM & Non-OEM Motorized Vehicle Parts, Refined Motor Oil, Lubricants

VEH96 pdf format of VEH96
: This contract provides the purchase and delivery of OEM and Non-OEM motorized vehicle parts, re-refined motor oil, hydraulic oils, transmission fluids, specialty oils, greases, lubes, brake fluids, remanufactured antifreeze and windshield washer solvent.

  • Genuine Parts Company - NAPA
  • Uni-Select USA
  • xpedx

** Individual vendors may not offer all available products and services featured on the Statewide Contract. Please refer to the associated Statewide Contract User Guide for details.