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Your one-stop destination for COMMBUYS readiness and awareness.

The Resource Center offers buyers and vendors access to webcasts, job aids, terminology, forms, policy, and more.

COMMBUYS Instructional Webcasts

Learning opportunities are a click away and available on your schedule by accessing our library of webcasts.  These eLearning modules, accessible on your computer, will familiarize you with routine COMMBUYS navigation.

  • - Guidance on COMMBUYS navigation, basic purchasing, and document approval to name a few.
  • - Includes topics such as registration in COMMBUYS, finding purchase orders, and locating bids and submitting quotes.


Our Job Aids provide step-by-step guidance for recurring buyer and vendor activities.

  • Job Aids for Buyers - Assistance on activities related to requisitions, bids, and purchase orders as well as general navigation.
  • Job Aids for Vendors - Detailed steps to access purchase orders, create a quote, and update your business profile among others.

User Tips

Find tips from the experts to refine your COMMBUYS skills. Peruse our collection of day-to-day user recommendations for buyers pdf format of Buyer User Tips
file size 2MB docx format of                             Buyer User Tips Text Version                and vendors.

UNSPSCs Look-Up Tool for Buyers and Vendors

OSD uses United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSCs) to classify goods and services in COMMBUYS. Buyers use these codes when preparing bids and vendors select UNSPSCs to receive notifications of bidding opportunities that align with their businesses.

OSD has developed an easy-to-use tool to assist both buyers and vendors in identifying UNSPSC information associated with commodities and services.

Access the UNSPSC Look-Up Tool xlsb format of UNSPSC Lookup Tool
and instructions docx format of Using the UNSPSC Lookup Tool Instructions
for its use.

Terms and Definitions

Become familiar with COMMBUYS terminology by accessing our inventory of frequently used terms and definitions in the COMMBUYS Glossary docx format of COMMBUYS Glossary
(COMMBUYS Glossary docx format of CB Glossary Text Only
- Accessible Version).  View terminology connected to our retired procurement system, Comm-PASS, along with the associated COMMBUYS term and definition in the COMMBUYS Crosswalk docx format of COMMBUYS Crosswalk


OSD offers various training opportunities for buyers and vendors on a variety of topics.  A schedule detailing our current offerings is available at OSD Training Courses.  In addition, we encourage you to consult the OSD Training Calendar to view all OSD workshops, webinars, and training classes in one easy-to-access location.   

Procurement Information Center

Key components of the procurement process are presented on the Procurement Information Center page.  Each topic is listed along with associated policy and expanded guidance. 

Forms and Documentation

Access a complete listing of all OSD Forms including contract forms and attachments, RFR attachments, and bid development and evaluation forms.

Zip File of All Standard Forms and Attachments for COMMBUYS Organization Libraries  zip format of


Effective July 1, 2014, Executive Departments are required to comply with all parts of the COMMBUYS Policy for Purchasing Organizations docx format of OSD COMMBUYS Policy 
.  Non-Executive Departments, Legislative and Judicial Branches, Cities, Towns and other eligible public entities are not required but are encouraged to create COMMBUYS accounts and begin using the system to place orders from Statewide Contracts and available Departmental Contracts.  Non-Executive Departments also have the option to use the system to post bids, award contracts, place orders and use other system functions.  Organizations using COMMBUYS must comply with sections of the Policy that apply to the system functions they choose to use.

User Agreements and Terms of Use

The following documents govern the use of the COMMBUYS system by purchasing organizations, individual buyers, and vendors.

COMMBUYS Agreement and Terms of Use for Organizations docx format of CB Organization Terms and Agreement

COMMBUYS Agreement and Terms of Use for Organizations docx format of cb_orgadm_termsuse-accessible
- Accessible Version

COMMBUYS Agreement and Terms of Use for Buyers docx format of CB Purchasers Terms and Agreement

COMMBUYS Agreement and Terms of Use for Buyers docx format of cb_purch_termsuse-accessible
- Accessible Version

COMMBUYS Agreement and Terms of Use for Vendors docx format of CB Sellers Terms and Agreement

COMMBUYS Agreement and Terms of Use for Vendors docx format of cb_seller_termsuse-accessible
- Accessible Version

COMMBUYS Site Policies and Terms of Use


Help Desk assistance is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.