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COMMBUYS expands the Commonwealth's marketplace for suppliers!

There is important news for vendors currently doing business with the Commonwealth. On March 24, 2014, the Operational Services Division will launch COMMBUYS a new electronic procurement system.

  • Introduction: The Team conducted three well attended webcasts for vendors to learn about the new system and ask questions.  The webcast is posted here for your review: Kickoff for Statewide Contract Suppliers Webcast ( Webcast Script docx format of COMMBUYS Kickoff for SWC tWebcast Script )
  • Registration: All Statewide Contract vendors are required to re-register in COMMBUYS when the system goes live.  The Outreach Team has contacted and identified the Seller Administrator for all 1400 SWC vendors.
  • New to the State: As a prospective supplier for the Commonwealth, we would like to help you understand the advantages of being part of the COMMBUYS community. Learn more .....

As you become familiar with the new COMMBUYS system, stay connected by looking out for updates in our Resource Center .

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