The COMMBUYS Purchaser page provides registration and location information for current training classes for the Purchaser Community.

A printable version of the full training schedule is here: COMMBUYS Training Schedule docx format of CB Training Schedule

We are using Eventbrite for course registration.  It is an easy-to-use on-line registration software that will facilitate the enrollment process.  Click on Register link under each class for dates and locations.

COMMBUYS Readiness Training

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OSD is providing an intensive Department Readiness Program that has been designed to support Executive Agencies with purchasing in COMMBUYS by July 1st. July 1st is the date on which all Executive Departments will be required to comply with the policy and use COMMBUYS for purchasing and procurement activity.

Drop-In Registrations for Purchasers Sessions

These 45-minute drop-in sessions are designed for individuals who have attended COMMBUYS Purchasing/Procurement training but would like follow-up support in COMMBUYS.  Please bring your work samples and questions to receive individualized support and advice from our staff.  Please note: Completion of COMMBUYS Purchasing/Procurement training is a prerequisite. Sessions are limited to six attendees.  Be advised that as classes reach full enrollment, dates will become unavailable.

Organization Administrator: Set Up & Maintenance

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Organization Administrator Training Slideshow pdf format of CB_training-slides-purch_OA

Job Aids

Organization Administrator training will provide in-depth review and hands-on practice of the Organization information, approval, workflow and user profile set-up activities. This class will cover each of these activities in detail so that the Organization Administrator is fully prepared to fulfill their role in COMMBUYS. After COMMBUYS comes online, Organization Administrators will be required to manage COMMBUYS Organization-specific data and a range of settings in the system. This is an intensive class for those identified as Organization Administrators.  Upon completion of training the Organization Administrator confirms the department user names and organization structure.  The Organization Administrator then must submit an Authorization Form and Configuration worksheet. After which a User ID and Password will be emailed so that the OA can complete the set up tasks for their department. This training is limited to staff who have been assigned the Organization Administrator role for their department. List of Organization Administrators by Department xlsx format of CB_Train Dept Org Administrators
. This is a full day class, 9am-4:30

Purchasing in COMMBUYS: Requisitions & Purchase Orders

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Purchasing Training Slideshow pdf format of CB_training-slides-purch_purchasing

Job Aids

This training is designed for staff responsible for the purchasing of goods and/or services from statewide and department contracts.  The scope of this class provides an introduction to COMMBUYS, new terminology, system navigation, policy and instruction to purchase from Statewide or Department contracts.  Participants will learn to:  use COMMBUYS to search for items and/or services, create a request using a Requisition document, search for specific items and/or services using a line item catalog or a punch-out catalog, convert the approved Requisition to a Purchase Order or Bid depending on the intent of the purpose, and create Change Orders. This is a half day class, 9am-12:30pm or 1:00pm-4:30pm.

Procurement in COMMBUYS: Creating, Posting & Managing

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Procurement Training Slideshow pdf format of CB_training-slides-purch_procure

Job Aids

This course is recommended for staff with the responsibility for conducting procurements for goods and/or services not available on a Statewide Contract. The class will cover creation of a bid(solicitation), the use of templates, managing attachments, online bid evaluation, contract award, and the posting of awarded contracts online in COMMBUYS. This is a full day class, 9am-4:30pm.

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