Purchaser Training Opportunities

The Operational Services Division (OSD) continues to develop and make available a wide variety of training experiences to meet the needs of our buyers.  Whether you’re new to COMMBUYS or an experienced user, we offer a range of training opportunities to grow and refine your COMMBUYS user skills.


Learning opportunities are a click away by accessing our collection of webcasts.  These eLearning modules, accessible at your computer, include guidance on COMMBUYS navigation, basic purchasing, and document approval.  Select a topic of interest from the offerings below to begin your COMMBUYS learning experience.  

COMMBUYS Basic Navigation for Buyers

This 12-minute overview will familiarize users with the COMMBUYS Landing page, Homepage, Header Bar, Navigation Bar, Control Center, basic command buttons, and warning messages.
Searching for Contracts in COMMBUYS

This 11-minute webcast reviews how to conduct productive searches while logged in to COMMBUYS.

How to Use Master Blanket Purchase Orders

This 19-minute segment covers what a Master Blanket Purchase Order (MBPO) is and the benefits of purchasing from a MBPO.  The webcast will also review useful online resources available to buyers.

Basic Purchasing in COMMBUYS

This 16-minute presentation walks you through the steps to purchase contracted items from both a punch-out catalog and a simple vendor catalog.  

Approving Documents in COMMBUYS

In this 15-minute overview, you will learn about
• Accessing “ready for approval” documents
• Identifying information on documents requiring approval
• Fields that can be edited during the approval process
• Approving, disapproving, and canceling documents routed for approval
• Adding additional approvers to an approval path
• Managing proxy users

COMMBUYS UNSPSC Overview for Buyers

This 12-minute overview of United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC) will cover the purpose and value of using UNSPSC for procurement documents and how to navigate to the UNSPSC fields in COMMBUYS and select the most appropriate UNSPSC.

What the Seller Sees in COMMBUYS – Vendor View

This 17-minute presentation captures for buyers what the seller sees in each tab of a posted bid when logged in to COMMBUYS.  This learning module shows how the seller can access and acknowledge receipt of a purchase order submitted by the buyer.

Training Classes, Webinars, and Events

OSD offers free classroom and webinar training sessions as well as a variety of buyer events.  A schedule detailing all our current offerings is available at OSD Training Courses. In addition, we encourage you to consult the OSD Training and Events Calendar to view OSD classes, webinars, and events in one easy-to-access location.

Job Aids

Additional COMMBUYS user support is available through our Purchaser Job Aids. Our collection offers step-by-step guidance for recurring purchaser activities related to requisitions, bids and purchase orders.