Seller Training Opportunities  

Whether you’re an existing Statewide Contract Seller or you’re new to doing business with the State, the Operational Services Division (OSD) offers a variety of training opportunities that will get you online in the COMMBUYS Market Center and ready for business.  


Learning opportunities are a click away and available on your schedule by accessing our library of webcasts.  These eLearning modules, accessible on your computer, include topics such as registration in COMMBUYS, finding purchase orders, and locating bids and submitting quotes.  Simply click on the webcast link of your choice to begin your learning session.  

COMMBUYS Vendor Registration including instructions for application to Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP)

This 44-minute webcast focuses on Seller Registration in COMMBUYS including an overview of COMMBUYS terminology, navigation, UNSPSC code selection, business profile set-up and Small Business Purchasing Plan application.

Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) Policy Overview for Sellers

This 17-minute webcast focuses on the mission of the Small Business Purchasing Program, eligibility criteria, and how the program works. Sellers learn how businesses are identified in COMMBUYS and receive an overview of the registration process.

How to Locate and Respond to a Bid in COMMBUYS

This 16-minute webcast for Sellers focuses on locating bid opportunities in COMMBUYS and submitting an online quote.  Additionally, it will familiarize sellers with COMMBUYS terminology and basic navigation.

How to Withdraw, Reopen and Resubmit Quotes in COMMBUYS 

This six-minute presentation provides guidance to update a quote once it has been submitted in COMMBUYS.

How to Find Your Purchase Orders in COMMBUYS 

This 20-minute webcast is targeted to all Sellers who plan to conduct business with the Commonwealth.  The webcast provides a general overview of the COMMBUYS system and focuses on the steps necessary to find Purchase Orders in COMMBUYS.

Using Commodity Codes in COMMBUYS - United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC)

This 23-minute webcast provides an overview of commodity codes in COMMBUYS.  Part of your company's business profile in the COMMBUYS Market Center includes selection of one or more United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC).  UNSPSC codes are a global products and services classification system that OSD utilizes to notify businesses about opportunities posted in COMMBUYS.  Proper selection of UNSPSC codes is vital as your business will only receive bid opportunities in your chosen areas of interest based on your UNSPSC selections.   

Managing a Seller Profile in COMMBUYS

This 21-minute webcast focuses on modifying and managing a Seller's Account, functions assigned to the Seller Administrator in COMMBUYS. Topics include navigating the Seller Administrator dashboard, assigning user roles, adding and maintaining addresses and users, and adding associated organizations.

Workshops, Webinars, and Training Classes

OSD offers a variety of free classroom and webinar training sessions for the seller community.  A schedule detailing our current offerings is available at OSD Training Courses.  In addition, we encourage you to consult the OSD Training and Events Calendar  to view all OSD workshops, webinars, and training classes in one easy-to-access location.  Scroll down to Vendor Training and Events to peruse an array of business learning experiences.

Job Aids

Additional COMMBUYS user support is available through our Seller Job Aids. Our collection offers step-by-step navigation guidance for recurring seller activities including accessing purchase orders, creating a quote, and updating your business profile.   


At OSD, we know you’ll find a learning experience that’s right for you and your business.