The Operational Services Division (OSD), as the responsible oversight entity, has established standard methods of complying with various federal and state requirements for human and social services contracts and private special education programs. The Commonwealth has an obligation to establish a strong system of public accountability as well as to protect the interests of the consumers being served by Commonwealth departments. This is accomplished through the Uniform Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report (UFR) which contractors must file with OSD on an annual basis.

  • Publishes annual federal reports
  • Maintains database for reporting the submission of the UFRs
  • Assists users in applying the Division’s policies and procedures, regulations and reporting requirements.
  • Conducts UFR prescreening and desk reviews
  • Provides notifications to contractors, CPAs and purchasing departments of contractor’s failure to file the UFRs or to meet  the minimum filing requirements.
  • Parses UFR excel template into the UFR database
  • Issues monthly reports to EOHHS on Corrective Action Plans(CAPs)
  • Provides technical support to contractors, independent auditors and state agencies.


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Reminder: Please update your contact information via the "Edit Profile" link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage after you have signed in. OSD uses this information to contact you for UFR purposes and to inform you about your eligibility to buy off of Statewide Contracts. Link to Non-Profit Purchasing Programs .