Policy Updates are related to Commonwealth procurement policy and are not the same as OSD Updates, which relate to specific statewide contracts. The list below presents the most recently issued updates first.

Reference NumberTitle
PG14-01 docx format of    changes  OSD Policy Guidance 14-01: OSD/CTR Revised Incidental Purchase Limit, New Due Diligence Posting Requirements, and Revised Procedures for Using Cooperative Purchasing Contracts Issued by Non-Massachusetts Public Entities
PG13-01 docx format of    PG1301 ITD OSD Joint Remanufactured Toner Cartridge Mem  OSD Policy Guidance 13-01: OSD/ITD Remanufactured Toner Cartridge Policy
PG12-01 doc format of    OSD Policy Guidance 12-01  OSD Policy Guidance 12-01: Mandated Use of the Standard Contract Form and Electronic Funds Transfer
PG11-04 doc format of    New Standard Contract Form Now Available  OSD Policy Guidance 11-04: Updated Standard Contract Form (Repealing OSD Policy #07-31)
PG11-02 doc format of    pg1102.doc  OSD Policy Guidance 11-02 - Revised Guidance for Executive Order 509: Establishing Nutrition Standards for Food Purchased and Served by State Agencies (Repealing OSD Policy # 09-30)

10-26 doc format of    updt1026.doc

OSD Policy #10-26 Guidance for Executive Order 515: Establishing an Environmental Purchasing Policy

09-13 doc format of    updt0913.doc  OSD Policy Guidance - Use of Commonwealth Contracts by Commonwealth Cities, Towns, Districts, Counties, and Authorities
08-06 doc format of    updt0806.doc  OSD Policy Guidance 08-06 - Comm-PASS Policy
08-03 doc format of    updt0803.doc  Purchase of Service (POS) Capital Items Procurement Policy
07-34 doc format of    updt0734.doc  Prompt Payment Discounts
05-13 doc format of    updt0513.doc  OSD Policy Guidance 05-13 - Protecting Security Sensitive Information During the Procurement Process