• Quick Reference Resources for Request for Responses (RFR)

    A Request for Response (RFR), or solicitation, is drafted by a procuring department and must be used for all competitive procurements, unless legislative or statutory exemptions, including exemptions authorized under 801 CMR 21.00 if applicable, are met. This page includes the basic requirements for RFRs and links to RFR resources, including “How to Draft a Request for Response” and a sample RFR Template for use by Departments doc format of Department RFR Template
  • Guidelines for Ensuring Best Value Procurement

    The Operational Services Division follows a best value procurement philosophy. This means it is in the best interest of the Commonwealth for solicitation evaluation criteria to measure factors beyond cost. No one wants to save money on unit cost while encountering higher costs due to factors such as inferior quality, poor reliability, or complex administrative processes.
  • Massachusetts Privatization Law (Chapter 296 of the Acts of 1993)

    Chapter 296 of the Acts of 1993 -- “the Privatization Law” -- outlines the process that must be followed by agencies and applicable authorities seeking to contract for a service that is presently performed by state or authority employees.  The law applies to contracts that have an aggregate value of $552,572 or more.  The authorities covered by this law are: the MBTA, the Massachusetts Port Authority, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and the Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority.

  • Vendor Debarment