What is the best way to stay updated on recent contracts?
There are several ways to stay updated on current statewide contracts. However, for a listing of recent contracts, you can use the search function:

What criteria is necessary for a good or service to become a statewide contract?
Statewide contracts are developed based on a few criteria. First, the service or commodity group in question must have a broad base of potential users statewide. Then, the urgency of the contract is taken into consideration. Additionally, potential users should have an interest and capability to participate in a Strategic Sourcing Services Team (SSST, the team which conducts the procurement and awards the contract) should one be formed.

How can I get a product or service need developed into a statewide contract?
The potential users of a desired statewide contract should email the appropriate Strategic Sourcing Services Lead (SSSL, the leader of the SSST) in OSD with their suggestions. This won't guarantee that a statewide contract will be written, but at least the SSSL will know there is a need or interest in one and can discuss the suggestion with the team.

What would make a good or service ineligible for a statewide contract procurement?
There is no set of "rules" that would deem a good or service ineligible. However, an agency or department specific item or service does not usually have a broad enough scope to warrant the development of a statewide contract.

Can I buy or procure goods or services from vendors that are not on an existing statewide contract?
All Executive Branch Departments (and non-Executive departments that have elected to follow 801 CMR 21.00) are required to use statewide contracts. However, if a good or service is not offered on an existing statewide contract, the agency may conduct their own procurement.

If a vendor has a vendor code, does that mean they are on state contract?
No. A vendor code is given to vendors who have submitted the proper paperwork to the Comptroller's office. A vendor code in and of itself does not indicate an award.

If a vendor has signed a contract that allows them to sell to more than one agency, does that mean they are on statewide contract?
Statewide contracts and a multi-department contracts are different. Statewide contracts must be used by Executive Branch Departments and those non-Executive departments that have elected to follow 801 CMR 21.00. These contracts may also be used by other eligible entities. Depending on the language of the RFR, multiple-department contracts allow named and/or un-named departments to use them.

When purchasing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and/or other operational goods or materials relating to building's performance (i.e. HVAC equipment; lighting), how can I ensure that I am purchasing the most energy or water efficient goods (or those with the most favorable life cycle operating costs)?
Contact DCAM (617) 727-4030 ext. 454 or e-mail: john.dimodica@dcp.state.ma.us

When looking in Comm-PASS, how can you tell when the contract is going to expire?
The Start Date and the End Date on Comm-PASS should tell you the entire duration that a contract should be in effect for, including any and all possible extensions.

I work outside of Boston but would love to participate on a SSST. Is parking available for me to attend these meetings?
Most meetings are held in Boston, however, alternate locations can be agreed on. If your facility has appropriate meeting space available, try offering to host some or all of the meetings. If you are unable to host meetings in your area, contact the team leader to discuss your concerns. She/He may be able to help you to resolve the problem by including you via conference call or obtaining a guest pass for a specific meeting.

If I have a problem, who do I call?
If you have a problem with the Comm-PASS system you can contact the Help Desk at: