A Request for Response (RFR), or solicitation, is drafted by a procuring department and must be used for all competitive procurements, unless legislative or statutory exemptions, including exemptions authorized under 801 CMR 21.00 doc format of 801cmr21.doc
, if applicable, are met. This page includes the basic requirements for RFRs and links to RFR resources, including “How to Draft a Request for Response” and a sample RFR Template for use by Departments.

Before developing an RFR, consider existing sources to fulfill your need for commodities or services, including:

  • Current Statewide Contracts
  • Other department(s) as authorized providers, e.g. Central Reprographics
  • Another department with a similar contract that allows purchases by additional departments
  • Collective purchasing with other states, federal agencies
  • Research M/WBE, SDVOBE and Small Business vendor pool availability


RFR Resources:


All RFRs must:

  • seek best value commodities and services
  • define expected outcomes
  • fit a particular need based upon the complexity and total value of a contract
  • contain details and descriptions of the products and/or services that are sought from potential bidders
  • contain the terms and conditions that will be required of all awarded contractors under the final contract
  • be as flexible and comprehensive as possible to minimize problems and risks related to vendor performance
  • include Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) language docx format of SDP Policy Guidelines


Minimum information required in an RFR:
  1. Description or purpose of the procurement (commodity and service needs)
  2. Acquisition method (fee-for-service, outright purchase, rental, term lease, Tax Exempt Lease-Purchase or license)
  3. Request for single or multiple contractors
  4. Use of a procurement by a single or multiple departments
  5. Anticipated duration of contract including renewal options
  6. Anticipated expenditures and compensation structures
  7. Performance and contract specifications
  8. Instructions for submission of responses
  9. Deadline for responses and procurement calendar
  10. RFR attachments/required specifications and language

Detailed descriptions of these requirements can be found in the Procurement Information Center. Additional requirements may apply, depending on the size and complexity of the procurement.