OSD Strategic Sourcing Services Leads (SSSLs) are professional contract managers with extensive experience in the commodity and service groups they oversee. They provide guidance and expertise throughout the solicitation and contract process to ensure that customers obtain best value.

In guiding the activities of a Strategic Sourcing Services Team, the SSSL is responsible for:
  • Direct oversight, management and implementation of all procurements conducted by the SSST
  • Ensuring that cooperative, consensus-based processes and decisions are employed by SSST members
  • Leading development efforts
  • Representing SSST goals
  • Sharing information among other SSSTs and their leaders
  • Securing administrative resources
  • Acting as the primary point of contact with all matters related to the SSST's RFR schedule, contract management, requests for assistance, and customer satisfaction
  • Acting as the liaison between a dissatisfied customer and a contractor
  • Coordinating the development of customer satisfaction instruments
  • Conducting periodic contractor review meetings with team members
  • Managing the development of SSST activities based upon receipt of a variety of procurement information