Being a member of an OSD Strategic Sourcing Services Team (SSST) requires a commitment of time and effort. In return, each member has equal input into the decisions made by the team on behalf of all customers who may use the resulting contract(s). SSST members are active, not just advisory, participants in all procurements relating to their team.

In accordance with established statutes, regulations, policies and procedures, OSD SSST members must:

Develop the procurement scope, specifications, and evaluation criteria (Request for Response, or RFR)
  • Identify, research and analyze departmental needs, and identify similar needs among others
  • Determine the need to establish statewide, multi-departmental or limited-use contracts
  • Research and determine industry standards
  • Define and develop technical/business specifications
  • Establish an RFR schedule to meet a defined period of time
  • Strengthen and develop achievement of minority- and women-owned enterprise participation goals in Executive Order 390
  • Strengthen and develop achievement of environmental goals in Executive Order 438
  • Establish evaluation criteria
  • Facilitate communication among OSD, departments and bidders
Conduct the solicitation
  • Publish all required procurement documents
  • Conduct bidders' conferences, on-site visits, and oral presentations, as appropriate
  • Evaluate submissions based on the evaluation criteria
  • Exercise the reverse auction, multiple rounds of negotiations and Best and Final Offer (BAFO) options, as appropriate
  • Select the prevailing bidder(s) based on the evaluation criteria
  • Conduct debriefings with non-awarded bidders, as appropriate
Negotiate the contract(s)
  • Negotiate special contract provisions to obtain best value, as appropriate
  • Award the contract(s)
Manage the contract(s)
  • Monitor and review contractor performance on a regular basis
  • Measure and review the level of customer satisfaction throughout the life of the contract
  • Maintain a complete procurement file accessible to the public
  • Conduct debriefings with non-awarded bidders, as appropriate